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1  Prayer / Prayer Requests / Prayer Request on: April 10, 2004, 10:29:48 AM
I have been going through a bad time this past week with one thing after another coming against me. Yesterday, after just getting our car out of the shop, (I still owe $185 + $100 to my father in-law for helping me get it out of the shop) it broke down again on us as we were going to Church last night for our Good Friday service.
 I haven't been feeling all that good due to the fact I have been under a lot of stress from school and home. Right now it seems that nothing is going my way as I would like and would really appreciate it if any one here would please pray that God will help me.
 I suffer from depression at times and today I am having one of those days where I wish I could go to sleep and not have to wake up untill Jesus comes back. I know all things work for good to those who Love God, but today I just feel really bummed out and need God to give me extra grace to see my through.

Thank you

2  Prayer / General Discussion / Re:on-line Hypocrisy on: April 02, 2004, 06:23:06 PM

This persons at it again I see. I just happen to check in her forum she has, and sure enough, she's back to playing head games with those in her little group.
  Why she does this I have no idea but it looks like those in her circle would see the kind of person she is and either rebuke her or at least leave her forum until she repents of her meanness. This is how she works, she makes an innuendo about someone giving the impression that she is being treated "un-fairly" she never calls names, but implies who she means my subtle hints. than she will say something like, "I have to close my group for now, I feel "vulnerable," her code word for saying she wants others to feel sorry for her and to cast suspicion on the one she does not like giving those in her little circle the idea that some thing is really going on when in fact she is making it all up.

  I do not hate this person and I wish things could have worked out, but the truth of the whole matter is that I have seen this time and time again and every time it always ends the same. She comes across as being a victim while those who disagree with her come out looking like un-kind monsters. I made the mistake of believing her sincerity before when she said she wished to be friends, but the moment I disagreed with her, she started the whole thing all over again trying to make me out to be the villain.
  I just needed to get some of this off my chest because mainly she is in every forum I had been in at one time or other and has just about got everyone buffaloed. I had enough of her lies and deciet and just wanted to get away from the mess
that had been made. I know I had made my share of mistakes and offenses while on line and I would not deny that, but I never tried to play head games with people or try to make myself out to be something I know I'm not, namely a theolgical know it all so I could impress my friends.

  Any way, thanks for letting me vent. Please continue to pray for this person that she will truly repent and stop her game playing.

3  Prayer / General Discussion / on-line Hypocrisy on: March 29, 2004, 12:25:57 AM

Hi all,

Question:  Do you believe that it is easier to be hypocritical on line than it would be in person where people know you and where  others see what you are truly like day by day?
  I ask this for a reason as lately I have see first hand how some Christians act on line toward other believers and think that it is OK because they can hide their identity and some how not take responsibility for their actions. I have known one person who has made false allegations and innuendos about others, knowing full well that it was done to hurt the reputation of the person and to cause others to view them in a bad light.
  When confronted with this sin, this same person played innocent victim and gave no excuse for the action other than the fact that she felt  "vulnerable" and wanted to play head games with her friends and to make them feel that she was being attacked unfairly even though she knew she really wasn't.  It made me want to leave the internet completely after I had seen what was going on and how this person got support from her good friends all the while knowing she was casting undo remarks toward another.
 I just would like to know what others would do in this situation and if any one else has had a bad experience with someone on line.

4  Prayer / General Discussion / Re:Prideful and arrogant Christians on: March 26, 2004, 12:00:42 AM
Abase=to lower in dignity.

I had to look that up.  I knew the jist of the definition but needed the clarity.  Truly this person you know just sounds like most of the "worldly" people out there.  Most of the true Christians I have come to know don't cling to those things and don't look down on others for what they have or don't have.  Seems to me like since you've noticed it...your called to pray for him.  I will as well but it's Gods will whether he wants to abase the fellow or not.  I think as a fellow Christian you should pray for a renewing of his Spirit and fellowship with the Lord.  That his eyes be opened and his ears to be made to hear again.  
I find when I find myself personally asking the Lord to "bring a person down to where he should be" well, my pride or hurt is getting in the way.  
Maybe That's exactly what he needs and God will rebuke him.
But we our greatest commandment is to Love one another.  Show it to him in Your actions, Your speach and your prayers for him.
I'm certainly a newbie Christian myself and don't know much so if this doesn't make sense disregard the above.  Lips Sealed
But I was led to answer you since, I have dealt with a prideful person in my own personal life and ended up discovering that the only difference I could make was instead of praying for the destruction of his pride (which was affecting my own joy for the Lord), I tried to be a good example (which I always fall short of) and prayed for him in love.
God answered my prayers and this person is a born again believer who God uses daily as an example to my children, myself and our neighbors.   Grin

In His Love,

Hi LMarsh, Smiley

  What you said was just what I needed to hear. Thank you for your insight. I truly believe he  doesn't know the Lord at all and knows he doesn't. I pray God will someday save him if it's His will for him to be saved. That is God's choice not ours. I pray he will turn and repent and seek Christ with his whole heart.

5  Prayer / General Discussion / Prideful and arrogant Christians on: March 25, 2004, 10:39:05 AM
Ezekiel 21
26 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high.

Daniel 4
37 Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.

Luke 14
11 For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

Is it wrong to ask God to abase someone who is very prideful and arrogant especially if they claim to be a Christian but don't truly know the Lord? I know such a person (don't we all?) who is thought very highly of by family and friends, but has a serious attitude problem
and looks down upon others. Although he goes to church (when he's not working that is. he's very covetous and puts his possessions before God) but it is mainly for
show and family. He judges others who don't have as much as he does and thinks because he has a nicer home and a better truck and car that some how makes him a better person. he judges people by what they have or don't have.
I don't know how to relate to someone like that because I never put much stock in personal possessions. not that I don't want nice things, but I don't cling to them or put them before people and relationships. this same person sees no problem being covetous, his dad, a self made preacher is almost the same way. very greedy and prideful. Not sure how to pray for them and wanted to ask if it would be wrong to ask the lord to abase them and make them see that being a Christian is more then having a good name in the community and having a lot of possessions.
6  Theology / General Theology / Re:Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? on: March 24, 2004, 09:22:02 AM
 Smiley Hi every one,

just wanted to pass this on, R.C. Sproul is speaking on his program today on the Sin without pardon   It's very good and if you have either realplayer or windows media player, just go to the website and listen. You will be blessed. http://tinyurl.com/3fe8m


7  Theology / General Theology / Re:What's next? on: March 23, 2004, 07:26:35 PM
Another question:  What of those we leave behind when we die, will we be missing them when we get to Heaven?  Cry
 I have family members I know who will not be in Heaven unless God grants them repentance and faith and He will be justified in His judgment against them when they are judge guilty before Him as all of us are guilty and deserve His wrath. it is only by His grace that any of us are saved.
 But what of our saved loved ones who we know will be with us in the next world, will we spend all our time in Heaven waiting for them to join us, or will we be preoccupied with other things?

Just wondering.
8  Theology / General Theology / Re:What's next? on: March 21, 2004, 11:11:51 PM
Wow! Thanks every one Smiley

That really helps me a lot. So much questions about life after death just glad to know that one day I will be with Christ in eternity along with all the other believers who trust in Him for salvation.  Grin


9  Theology / General Theology / What's next? on: March 21, 2004, 04:50:22 PM
 Hi every one,   Smiley

I like this board even though I don't post all that much I try to come by here from time to time.
  Any way, my question is this, do Christians go immediately into the presence of Jesus at death, or is there a waiting period so all the saints go together to meet Him? I know how childish such a question may sound, but I am still learning and was curious about this. I know Hebrews 9:27 says that it is appointed unto men once to die and after that, the judgment. so does judgment take place right after death and will all our sins be brought up?  Just wondering what those here thought.
Thank you.  Grin


10  Fellowship / You name it!! / Re:Restore the Constitution and Our Religious Liberty! on: March 21, 2004, 04:33:53 PM
 Wink This url gives more info on the Constitution Party Candidate. http://tinyurl.com/2vs72

 Who knows if God may not have brought this man up for such a time as this?

11  Fellowship / You name it!! / Re:Restore the Constitution and Our Religious Liberty! on: March 21, 2004, 04:28:11 PM
Hi Crusader,  Smiley

Will you be voting for Michael Peroutka the Constitution Party
candidate in the upcoming presidential election in Nov? I know that I am going to vote for him.


He may not get in office, but at least I will be voting in a way I will not have to be ashamed.

12  Prayer / Prayer Requests / Re:Brother & Sister in-law on: March 15, 2004, 12:14:23 AM
Hi Crusader,

I saw them today, first time in a few weeks. their daughter, who just turned one the first of this month just came out of the hospital (she had salmonella poisoning) yesterday.
   Most of the time they are caught up in their own selves and don't want to be bothered any more unless they need us to watch their baby. He works seven days a week, making money to pay for all their nice "things" (they are very covetous) and look down on us because we don't have as much as they both do now.
   He's very hard working and very proud. they go to church when they can, but most of the time he works Sundays. I find it a little funny in away though because back when I had to work on the Lord's day, his dad, who is a Souther Baptist preacher sort of looked down his nose at me for breaking the Sabbath. I worked Sundays because it was mandatory and I hated it. His son works Sundays now, not because he has to, but because he wants to and nothing is being said about it. See the hypocrisy there? lol
    Any way, they (my brother in-law and his wife) are not right with God and only go to church when they can to please his dad. I fear for them because they need to be shown their lost condition and their need of Christ. Please continue praying that God will deliver them from pride and show them both their lost condition before it is too late.


God bless

13  Prayer / Prayer Requests / Brother & Sister in-law on: February 27, 2004, 04:41:29 PM

I would appreciate it if you all would please pray for my brother and sister in-law that God would deliver them both from pride and arrogance and teach them both humility.Their names are Jon and Jenny.
  They are a young couple that have the idea that they already know it all and refuse to head the advise of those who
are their elders, namely his father and mother. She  is also very head strong and strong willed and has a serious problem being told what to do.  They have a one year old daughter that they neglect most of the time as they would rather be doing their own thing instead of taking care of her as they should.
    They have a nice house and a lot of material possessions, but they seem to care more for their things then they do any thing else, including God, even though they go to church it is mainly for show. Please pray that God would deal with them concerning their wrong attitude and pray that God would lead them to repentance and faith in Christ.

14  Theology / Apologetics / Re:Salvation solely by the Grace of God. on: February 25, 2004, 10:01:41 PM

Wow.  A Big Amen to that.  Smiley

15  Theology / Debate / Re:Slain In The Spirit??? on: February 24, 2004, 12:29:39 AM
"In my opinion a lot of people fake it just to go along with the ride."

I can testify to that.
  Back many years ago when I was in a pentecostal Church where our pastor, "brother Joe", as he was called, would have healing services at the Church every Sunday night where people would come forward for him to lay hands on you to be re-filled? with the Holy Spirit. most every one who went up and got touched fell backward as if knocked back by an unseen force, but when I went up to get what ever every one else was getting, nothing happened. Bro Joe would keep laying his hand on me waiting for me to fall back as all the rest did and as I could see that he was getting annoyed with me I decided I had better fall back before he slugged me. Wink
  I did feel guilty and ashamed after that, and have since repented of my sin. I no longer go to that Church and am not sure what good Ole "brother Joe" is doing now, but last I heard
he was caught in a scandal involving the female youth director.


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