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1  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: October 22, 2012, 08:03:20 PM
I wish you the best and hope that you'll be very happy.
Thank you!
2  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: October 21, 2012, 09:23:06 PM
Apologies for resurrecting an old thread; I thought that I should post an update for anyone who might remember me and/or want "the rest of the story", and I wanted this to show up in context. I am convinced by Christianity and am now the happiest, blessed-est Catholic in the universe (and yes, I understand that these are Protestant forums, and I am not here to proselytize  Wink). 


1. I was depressed for a few years, which causes confusion all by itself.

2. One of the claims of most Christian denominations that I have found most difficult to accept is that God is Love (or is "personal"). I now feel that this is something that can be believed, partly because only God is necessary; He does not need anything to supplement or sustain Him. Although creation is of no necessity to the Godhead, He chose to need us, and to give life and reason. We exist only because the "Uncaused Cause" wills it.

3. For a while I thought that faith and reason were mutually exclusive; for me, sometimes this meant that I could not have faith, and other times it meant that I could not trust human reason. I don't see the incompatibility anymore. Faith supports and upholds reason, reason directs me to faith.

4. Another problem, which was serious for me, was the inconsistancy of Christian doctrine from one denomination to another; there was no central Christian authority who could make a definitive decision, unlike the situation of the Church in Acts, where one only had to bring a dispute before the proper authorities and have the issue resolved. I began to read some of the Early Fathers of Christianity (because it seemed that, if I wanted to find the Church today, I needed to go back to the Church of the first few centuries to know what they believed and taught), and I found what I was looking for in Catholicism.

That is a very short summary of where I was and where I am, for anyone who might be curious (or might have prayed for me). As mentioned above, although I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have, I understand that a discussion of Catholicism might not be appropriate for Christians Unite Forums.

3  Theology / Debate / Re: IT IS FINISHED! on: September 30, 2009, 11:56:36 PM

JESUS the CHRIST was sent to save unbelievers from their SINS, JESUS the CHRIST was not sent to save anyone from the LAKE of FIRE and BRIMSTONE.

I do agree with that!
4  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: September 30, 2009, 10:25:14 PM
I'll speak for myself and say that I'm disabled, but I don't blame God for anything. To the contrary, my faith is stronger than ever in a personal relationship with God that I treasure. There's a wonderful peace of heart when you know that God and the Holy Bible are the Absolute Truths. These are not just thoughts, rather the sure knowledge of fact and Absolute Reality. I realize these things are from the eye of the beholder, so all I can do is tell you how I feel. Jesus Christ is the central core of my life - I know Him and He knows me. I also consider the Holy Bible as the only accurate measurement of all Truth. I don't have just blind faith.
I believe you!  Kiss

The first important thing to know is that we're not putting our faith in men - rather the Supernatural Creator of the Universe and ourselves. Men in so-called religion cause all kinds of doubts with their behavior, but they're not the ones we have faith in. Religion is many times a dirty word because of all the things men have associated with it (i.e. hypocrisy, frauds, false teaching, false prophets, etc.). BUT, Salvation is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ - not men.
I have begun to find this too. It is hard for me to keep seeing past the "so-called religion" that coexists with real Christianity. Sometimes I wonder if there is even such a thing as "real Christianity"; but then I remember lovely people like George MacDonald, G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis etc. who encourage me; and even if they turned out to be wrong, I would rather be "wrong" with them.

By the way, I don't understand how anyone would think it's a curse to be blessed with nice things and nice people.
I know; my brain was put in backwards. It has come up with weirder things than that.  Grin (Also, I don't believe that way anymore.)
5  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: September 16, 2009, 06:33:32 PM
Hello Anodos / Willowbirch,

I'm not worried about anyone being rude, but I'm stunned and stumped about what happened and when. This was after reflecting on years. I realize that the times have changed and things are getting more difficult for Christians, but that doesn't mean that GOD has changed. I mentioned this because of all the false teaching that Christians are supposed to be HEALTHY AND WEALTHY. This is wrong and causes all kinds of problems, confusion, and distrust. GOD never promised Christians an easy time in this short life - just the opposite.

This is just one example of FALSE TEACHING. Sadly, there are many more.

Love in Christ,
Hello! Sorry to put a new post on an old thread, but I just now found your April 4 reply and wanted to answer. I don't (consciously) subscribe to the "healthy and wealthy" doctrine; rather, as a younger person I got depressed because nothing bad had ever happened to me, and the Bible promised that the children of God would suffer poverty and persecution. I didn't know why God would 'curse' me with nice things and nice people when I wanted so badly to become his child.
Nothing happened to me; I am just a hyperfocusing introvert.
6  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: April 03, 2009, 02:36:32 PM
Thank you for the verses! I have been going through 1 and 2 Corinthians. I am reading in the New Jerusalem Bible, and am enjoying this translation.

I apologize for being rude, but I am grateful for the people who "put me in my place". I did not know that I wasn't Christian (or at least Christian-minded) at the time. It has been so much help to me, just realizing that I am so off center. Thank you!
7  Entertainment / Politics and Political Issues / Re: Fox News channel becoming more offensive on: February 13, 2009, 06:56:58 PM
Hi Everyone!
I am brand new here. I just have a comment and am wondering if other Christians feel the way I do.
Lately while watching various Fox News shows I am noticing a lot of program content in bad taste or just overtly offensive. I always thought they were different and watched it as an alternative to other secular programming. They spent the past two nights showing and discussing a really overtly sexual commercial put out by PETA. I also saw a goofy " lingerie bowl" ad and commentary on Hanniity tonight. I emailed Fox and told them what I thought of it. Anyone else noticing this?
My TV tells me that it is environmentally irresponsible to start a family. Two children or more per household creates too great a carbon footprint, and the nation needs to set strict limits for population growth.

My TV also advertises more and better promiscuity, and it is unconstitutional for prudes to censor the entertainment industry.

I think my TV is confused. I know that I am.
8  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: February 04, 2009, 09:48:25 PM
Thank you!
9  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: January 31, 2009, 05:32:05 PM
All I can say at first is WOW. I asked a simple question and get what looks like a lengthy book report from a book written by a Rabbi on why Jesus Christ is not the Messiah and the New Testament is a conglomeration of false beliefs. Now that I fully understand your original post I can fully answer your first question. It is indeed against the forum rules to teach things that are against The Holy Bible and Jesus Christ in this manner.
Nope, I'm no Rabbi. I wasn't trying to mislead you about the nature of my questions, I'm sorry that it seemed that way! Also I didn't intend to be a teacher, although I was wordy (for which I also apologize).

It's impossible to mix all that you're mixing without becoming terribly confused.
You are right!

Nobody can answer all of your questions in 5 minutes or 5 years, so it would be foolish to try.
Thank you, that was what I was afraid of. I will keep looking and learning!

Thank you for your counsel. I apologize for giving an offense to Christ.
10  Theology / Debate / Re: Griper-in-training on: January 25, 2009, 05:21:29 PM
Thank you!

I have not found the concept of an individual's God in the Old Testament. It seems that He is the God of the people, the Jewish nation, and when He gives instruction or encouragement to individuals, it is usually for the nation rather than the person. When Jews pray they often refer to themselves in the plural, as representing the Jewish people rather than only themselves. The psalms refer to individuals, but they were meant to be sung by the congregation, not just David. It is the nation which inherits the earth, not the individuals.

Also, I know that in the book of Daniel the angel instructs that Daniel must live, and die, and then be resurrected to receive his reward, but otherwise I have found very little about the resurrection of individuals. The visions of the heavenly kingdom seem to me to be an earthly civilization, uniquely good and governed by the One God, a continuation of earth's life rather than a heavenly afterlife. It is also a place where people can be expected to die -- though their lives will be long and full. I do not see evidence that the New Jerusalem is made of resurrected souls of the elect throughout history. Hell is the grave rather than a place of future judgement.
I don't find a Hell or Heaven that seems familiar to Christianity in earlier scriptures. The afterlife seems to have been evolved, rather than revealed. (I get frustrated when things evolve. I want them to be true RIGHT AWAY! Roll Eyes)

Why was the Septuagint used as the source for the New Testament? It was Greek. Wouldn't the Bible have been studied in Hebrew? (Maybe the authors were influenced by gentile occupation.) Matthew uses the Septuagint to claim the prophecy of virgin birth; in this Isaiah verse, the Hebrew bible does not specify that the mother was virgin, and the context seems to have been an immediate prophecy for Ahaz rather than a far-reaching one: by the time the boy was a few years old, he would be eating milk and honey, because the famine would be over. (I don't claim to understand the book of Isaiah, however.)
Also, I have read that the earliest version of Mark, which may be the earliest New Testament text, made no reference to a virgin birth or to the bodily resurrection of Christ.

And the Pharisees:

I am upset by the disrespect given to Pharisees. I have never witnessed any "foaming at the mouth" blaspheming of them, but somehow it is usually implied. They are equated with satan; they practically share a brain with him. If anyone sympathizes with Pharisees, it usually sounds like this: "We, too, could be just as bad as them, if we aren't careful."
The reality of the Roman rule does not play a part in most Christian stories. The only oppressors are those pointy-bearded, beady-eyed Pharisees, who were involved in spiritual cannibalism and were constantly plotting Jesus's demise. When they debate with Jesus, it is viewed as proof of how much they hated Him and His Father. The entire tragedy of the crucifiction is blamed on Pharisees, if it isn't blamed on Jewish nature in general, regardless of the fact that Jesus was tried by the Sadducean High Priest who was kind of a puppet for the Romans, and condemned by a really bad Pontius Pilate, who was under other gentile jurisdictions.
Pharisees argued; it was almost a lifestyle. There is a story (I wish I remember which book it was in) that a good Jewish toddler, in the idyllic time of King David, was so excellent in logic and so knowledgable of Torah that he could prove a bacon cheeseburger was kosher. Why shouldn't lawyers argue with Jesus, who apparently loved to argue right back? He is frequently pictured in a hoarde of Pharisees (or lawyers or scribes), all arguing long into the evening. He is asked for his opinions on laws and customs; he asks his own questions.
Pharisees were respectful; they called one another 'Sir', as they also called Jesus. They were fair-minded, and often amended Mosaic laws to prevent an injustice being done: for instance, the law called for 40 lashes for certain offenses, but the Pharisees lowered the number to 39, because the whipper might make a counting mistake and over-punish someone. Also, if a rich man was on a journey and became hungry, he was allowed to eat from the crops reserved for the poor, because he was -- at that moment -- a poor man. When he had his riches again he could repay what he had eaten.

Noahide Laws:

Gentiles were not required to fulfill the entire Law in order to be right with the Jewish God, unless they chose to convert to Judaism. They could be "God-fearers", or Devout; they were accepted under the basic commands God gave to Noah rather than 613 commands given to Moses. They abstained from eating the lifeblood (some versions of this prohibition were against the eating of an animal that was still alive), they refrained from adultery and murder, etc. This is pretty much the decision of James concerning gentile Christians.
Why does Christianity teach that everlasting damnation is automatic and there are only two (really just one) ways to escape: the complete Law, which is considered intrinsically impossible to fulfill, and belief in Christ? Why was an intermediary required, when it hadn't been before?

That's all I can think of tonight. I appreciate anyone's responses! I will give you free coffee:
11  Theology / Debate / Griper-in-training on: January 25, 2009, 12:15:33 PM
Good morning! I used to pop in now and then as Willowbirch. I was raised Christian and baptised, but now I have the Gripe, I'm not sure where I caught it.
I am a "God fearer" right now, I love and respect Christianity, but don't agree. I have some questions for those who may understand apostates, but I don't want to discuss them if that would be offensive to the forums. Is that kind of discussion allowed?
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