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Title: Prayers for my sister
Post by: a.b. on August 11, 2003, 06:25:48 PM
Hello Prayer warriors, I have a request.  My sister's ex-husband is threatening to take her 2yr old daughter away.  He is a known felon, who smokes and grows pot; he is on parole and harasses my sister all the time. He doesn't even spend time with the child now!  He leaves the child with his girlfriend, who often leaves the kid with her parents!  Most of the charges against my sister are false.  She did make a mistake that may be used against her but she has recently committed her life to Jesus and I am asking God to have mercy on her and her daughter.  She has no money to retain a lawyer and the public assistance in Vermont will not represent the defendant, only the plaintiff; that is their state policy.  The lawyer will cost $1,000 plus $125/hr.  My husband & I will send some money to help and I am hoping that others will help her too.  Our family is trying to keep this little girl in our reach so that we can teach her about Jesus.  Thanx for your prayers and any information that may help our cause.  

Title: Re:Prayers for my sister
Post by: Whitehorse on August 22, 2003, 11:50:43 PM
Since he isn't a Christian, has she thought of taking him to court for slander and defamation of character? She would have to be able to prove he's been lying, but if he has to pay for both his lawyer and hers, maybe he'll back down. Just and idea. Not only that, but if he's a known felon, I don't think he would have a leg to stand on, legally.

Title: Re:Prayers for my sister
Post by: Mr. 5020 on August 24, 2003, 06:38:51 PM
Good point Whitehorse!  Look into that.

My prayers are with your sister, and her child.

Title: Re:Prayers for my sister
Post by: a.b. on August 25, 2003, 08:27:01 PM
Thank you so much for your input and don't stop praying.!!
We lost the first battle, but we are not giving up.  Some things have been said that sis has done that looks unfavorable
but we trust in the mercy of the Lord.  She is a highly emotional lady and it has gotten her in some trouble.  So she is now willing to go to counseling to settle some matters of the heart and she continues to fight the ex for sole custody.
Thanx again for your prayers.

Love in Christ,

Title: Re:Prayers for my sister
Post by: Woman Of God on August 26, 2003, 12:56:52 AM
Hello my sister in christ i'm new here but i love to pray for others.God is going to step in this situation soon but remember he's still in control this guy gave your sister problems for a long time and he's holding things over her head to intimedate her but the devil is a lie.He only wants your niece just to heart your sister he doesn't care about her.But i ask in the mighty name of Jesus that this situation gets turned around for the better.Your sister came a long ways,she trying to support her child on her own and still stand for God but i'll pray a strong prayer for her and her daughter tell her not to give up God is getting ready to move in this situation.many blessings to you all

Title: Re:Prayers for my sister
Post by: a.b. on August 26, 2003, 04:11:51 PM
Thank you, Woman of God.  We need all the prayer we can get.  God bless you abundantly...