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Title: Are guinea pigs good pets?
Post by: M on February 10, 2005, 04:22:09 PM
I would like to get a pet for company while I am home all day.  I thought about getting a dog for a pet.  I am allergic to cats. My husband doesn't want to get a dog because he doesn't want to walk the dog.  He did have a guinea pig once and really loved him.  

Guinea pigs seem like good pets.  I am just wondering how difficult they are to care for.  I am also wondering if they smell (we live in an apartment).  My other concern is that I might become allergic to my new pet.  I had been warned by my doctor not to get a dog for this reason.

Has anyone had alot of experience with guinea pigs?  I am wondering if they like to go out for walks on a leash or in a baby carrier?  (sounds weird doesn't it?)  

Title: Re:Are guinea pigs good pets?
Post by: Symphony on February 10, 2005, 07:23:43 PM

maybe a hamster.  you could walk it on a leash.


Title: Re:Are guinea pigs good pets?
Post by: Soldier4Christ on February 12, 2005, 07:33:47 PM
Guinea pigs get their name for a reason. They do smell like pigs and require having their cage cleaned frequently because of this.

If it's allergies you are concerned with I would try a hairless dog breed like a chihuahua.

Title: Re:Are guinea pigs good pets?
Post by: Kris777 on February 13, 2005, 02:46:30 PM
What about getting a bird? They make good pets and can live up to 60-100+ years.

Title: Re:Are guinea pigs good pets?
Post by: Kristi Ann on March 13, 2005, 02:22:58 PM
Dear M,

Pets are a personal choice by everyone. What's dear to your heart to love an animal is most important, as they will love you back Unconditionally.  Some animals take more maintence than others do.

I personally have one Cat and that's all I want besides my 30 gallon fish tank that's in storage. My cat is an Turkish Angora,and he loves me and adotoped me when I was really hurting emotionally, I love him back the same as he is a Very Loving lap kitty and all white, with medium fur on his body and long fur on his tail.

Almost any animal can be good, just be careful of the really BIG cats out there.

Love n' Hugs YSIC, \o/


Title: Re:Are guinea pigs good pets?
Post by: Willowbirch on March 22, 2005, 03:13:51 PM
Cedar chips are a little more expensive than pine shavings, but cedar cuts down on guinea pig smells and its also supposedly better for the little guys (they don't breath in as much dust). I don't really like the critters, but my sister does, she holds her "piggy" in her lap and gives it cardboard boxes to play with. I have heard of leashes for guinea pigs. They can jump two feet in the air (I know from experience) and we've always housed them in either high-walled glass cages, or bunny cages with wire tops.