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Title: Students' comments
Post by: ivan on February 10, 2005, 08:21:32 AM
Students' comments about our Bible Correspondents School

Victoria Bondarenko, Kharkov area.
Praise God for you and for the work, love and attention that you bring into my life and my heart. I’m thankful for the lessons that you send me, in which I get knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Christianity and its history. Your bulletins and lessons cover practical issues of the Christian’s life; it contributes to my spiritual growth and strengthens my faith. I love you and pray for you and your ministry!

Anatoliy Kotorobay, Khmelnits area., imprisoned.
Thank you and praise God for all that you do in my life, my dear friends and teachers. I’m very happy and proud that the Lord gave me a chance to become a student of BCS. For one year of studying at your school I learnt many useful things for myself, I opened the world of God, His love and goodness. I used to know almost nothing before, and it was hard to make my way through the Word of God, I also knew nothing from the history of Christianity. But due to God’s mercy and your participation in my life many things changed and I started looking at life and at the world that surrounds me in a new way.

All Glory TO GOD