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Title: my testimony
Post by: duain1967 on January 30, 2005, 12:48:21 AM
i excepted jesus christ as my lord and savior at the age of 14.i attended church regually as a youth. we had a great youth minister his man was jim. we had a huge youth rally at our church one year ive never seen so many teen. it was great. the next week our youth minister was released so to speak. didnt understand why they  did that. he came by my house to say good by and all i could do was cry. he told me he was going on a mission trip. soon after this i started back sliding. my brothers both drank and didnt attented church they were 18 & 19. my parents never really made use go to church either. they both believed we just never attented regually. i started takeing beer from my brothers cooler in his truck. me and my cousin thought we were cool. that cont, thowout my jr high and high school. i would date grils and go to church to make a showing to their parents. i actually started learning a little though. and the holy sprirt started working on me, but i let my flesh win agin an turned away. when i was 21 me and my cousin were fishing at my papa and grannys farm. we were down for easter. my family played holiday church very well. anyway we ran out beer and went to the beer store for more. the closest store was 20 min, away. made it their, but on the way back my cousin missed a curve and we hit a four inch drill pipe guard rail and flip his truck in the creek. i was thrown out of the truck and into the creek. my cousin went though the front windshield. my cousin and i walk away from the crash without a broken bone. i didnt have a scracth on my body. my cousin had to have a few sticthes over his eye. easter sunday was the next day. we went to church, and i was so convicted that i couldnt even stay in the building. made the wrong desicion agin. i entered into the navy res, after that for some direction, and disipline. it didnt help with my drinking though. i fact it probably made it worse. i meet my wife after i returned from the service i was 22 at the time. her dad use to be a preacher up north. i pulled her down into my world. we were married two years later. year and a half later my son was born. our life still out of controll. our drinking increased and our relationship was starting to go down hill. five years later our daughter was born. soon after that i lost my job. i raced motorcycles cross country, and had alot of time on my hand. i started painting on my own. one of my first jobs was too paint the roof of my uncles farm store. it was in january so weather was a factor. one morning it was drizzly rain, and couldnt paint. i decided to go and practice for my up and coming race. my family has some land, so with a bottle of captain morgan and some beer i started rideing. i was rideing though a draw behined this tank, and i forgot about the bob wire fence yes i ran right into it. the fence caught me neck high and pulled me off the bike at about 45 mph. it cut my neck open ear to ear so to speak. all i could think about was my wife and childrend. i thought i was going to die. i lived though it, and was determine to change. didnt happen. then three years later my wife couldnt take it anymore. she told me something had to change. we decided that i would leave for a month, and try to work out my problems. it devestated me i love my wife and my childrend. i could see how far gone i really was  it was like i had blinders on an only saw what i wanted too. this was my breaking point i could not live without my wife and childrend.i cryed for days and prayed for the first time without holding back.  my eyes were opened wide. i could see all the things i had done, and i could not believe what i had become. i made a promise to GOD that night that if he help me put my family back togather that i would never go back to that person agin. GOD anwsered my pray, and to this day which is four years later im standing stong in the name of the lord. i have bad days, but i put all my faith in the lord. i dont look back, and i keep running the race. fighting the good fight. loving the lord for what he has done for me. my wife and i have been married for 13 years now, and i love here more today than when we were first married. blessed be the name of the lord.

Title: Re:my testomony
Post by: larrynboys on January 30, 2005, 01:55:52 AM
Hey Duain thankyou brother !!  Great testimony!!

Title: Re:my testimony
Post by: duain1967 on January 30, 2005, 02:14:27 PM
thanks larry,
          i left out some details. im involed with our youth an planning on go back to school to get a degree in youth ministery. GOD willing that is. my wife is in the music ministery at our church she has a great voice, and loves the lord. she also is plaining to go back to school as well, so this will really have to be a GOD thing.  i know he will provide if it is his will thanks agin. GOD BLESS ALL.