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Title: My testimonie
Post by: luckydogger on January 23, 2005, 07:38:45 PM
Wow where do I start well first of all I love God and as a kid my mother not a realy church person made me and my sister go alot but I loved it.

This is where it gets bad well where I get bad. I was swimming alot at the Y M C A in my home town where I ran into a  pastor very friendly man. I was about 6 or 7 at the time well to make a long story short we hung out alot and he begain to have sex with me at the age of 7 up till I was 16 then I told my borther from there it whent to triel now this man is in pirson and will be until I am 34 I am 27 know.

 Oh how I hated God for this I blamed him for it how does a man telling every one about Gods word doing Gods work do this and how does God just let it happen. there where times when I said a alot of things to God that today I wish I never did.

I was 10 I think when I told god that he made me this angry he let this happen to me so what ever I did in life was his falt ... This whent on for years and years sold drugs drank alot and tryed Suicide a few times but see I never stopped believing in God I just didnt love him anymore

At 17 my brother come to me and told me he was a gay it hit me hard but I love my brother very much he helped me out in alot of rough times and know God is letting this happen man I was a mess

 when i turned 20 I whent to see  pastor for some answers.I did get some but it was just to hard to understand well then I found my wife or she found me we both wanted to find a church we where just dateing at this time.

We where liveing togather at the time and didnt wanted the church to look down at us and Before I would go back I wanted answers I could understand
so we both where looking i was in no big rush till I found my pastor still till this day. He was outside mowing the lawn so i pulled up and wanted to start a fight with him not a punching match  but i wanted to yell and scream at him what kind of GOD does this to some one earlyer that day my brother told me he wanted to get married and ask if i would be in it with him..

Me and pastor must have talked for about 3 hours when i walked up to him i asked are you the pastor of this church he said yes then we begain i asked why does God hate me so much what did i do as a kid i did nothing but love him thats when he hugged me I cryed like a 2 year old lol ..

I'am not going into detail what we talked about but man did it help it made me fell so good talking with him that day I was saved that day and it felt like a ton of rocks where removed from my chest dont get me wrong i didnt just jump wright in my walk with the lord it grows everyday.. Its funny how much he loves us i realize know I was never alone god was there with me holding me how els could I have made it this far ..

love and GOD bless

Title: Re:My testimonie
Post by: gary cook on January 23, 2005, 09:03:02 PM
Praise GOD ,I thank GOD your my  brother ,I pray the LORD blesses you and your wife .Thank you for your testamony . The LORD is GOOD ,His mercy is everlasting .As you know ?People do evil things ?Because they can not help them selfs .Once they have no relationship with the LORD ?They are taking a chance ? satan is seaching for people who reject the TRUTh . We lose a lot ,by not coming to the LORD .But thank GOD ,You have over come .What satan ment for evil ,GOD turned it around for good .Your testamony will help others .You may not always know .But the LORD will bless others . Hope tp hear of other victorys in your life .gary

Title: Re:My testimonie
Post by: luckydogger on January 23, 2005, 09:16:54 PM
Iam sorry I left the best part out I am now a father to a baby  boy konner paul nothing in my life then being saved give's me more happyness then just to look at him for hours and hours lol. He is now 8 days old and a kiss from God to me and my wife. Just a side note I mow the lawn for the church now  ;)

love and God bless

Title: Re:My testimonie
Post by: gary cook on January 23, 2005, 09:29:47 PM
I know how that is ! I have 11 kids .But only 2 at home 6and 11 . they are nice kids . It does something to a mans heart to have a child ?Hard to understand ?Unless you have one . They are a real blessing  .Lay hands on HIM .BLESS HIM .He will be .Your words are more powerful than you may know ?

Title: Re:My testimonie
Post by: luckydogger on January 23, 2005, 10:22:29 PM
Wow Praise the lord 11 kids man you must have had your hands full .. but you are wright it does do something to a man

love and god bless