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Title: thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed
Post by: ivan on January 13, 2005, 10:15:48 AM
O LORD, thou hast deceived me, and I was deceived: thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed...

I was born in 1977 year in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) on Ural,  Russia. My parents are come from Siberia, but my roots are in Ukraine because our ancestors were deported there from Ukraine by communists. I was sickly since my birth for those time when we moved in Ukraine because of my health when I was 3 year. Then my parents did not know even who is Jesus. In Ukraine they met believers first time and when I was seven they have repented. It was difficult time for Christians and sometimes we were having  persecution and were mocking for our faith. I was visiting Sunday school with pleasure, reading Bible and praying. Than I grew up and refused God. I was friend with another Christians parents' children which did not serve to God. When I finished the school I came to Mariupol National Technical University.

In University I have met new friends. I was protesting against all and my parents and God.  Sometimes I left home and my parents had many problems with me. I drink, using drugs. I did it almost every day and sometimes many times a day. I cannot without it.  

But God loved and sought me. I felt emptiness insight me and understood that is God's place. I was fighting against Him but Christ have overcame me.
God was fighting against me very tenderly. But one day when I was going to church I understand that today is day of my repentance. For the very beginning of serves I cannot listen to preacher or sing I was fighting with tears. When pastor asked if somebody wish to pray I went in front and kneeled down. I was sobbing like a child. I never cry like this.  

I have repented and God forgave me. He liberated me from drugs and gave me new life. It was the miracle and my old friends did not believe that I am new. It was in 1996 year. In the same year I was baptized.  Later I married. My wife is Christian too. Her name  is Olga, and we have a son Ivan 6 years old. When I finished the University I understood that God is calling me to serve Him... but this is another story.

Title: Re:thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed
Post by: gary cook on January 14, 2005, 01:03:27 AM
Gee brother that is a nice testamony !I am happy for you and your house hold .BLESS YOU . Remenber to ask the HOLY SPIRIT everything .HE desires to teach you ALL THINGS .