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Title: bully
Post by: gary cook on December 09, 2004, 04:31:52 AM
When I came to the lORD ,My wife told me shortly after ,I was once very proud of you .you never feared any man or men .But now ,your no longer a man .You let anyone miss treat you and say anything .I said honey ,the LORD does not like men hurting men .Then there was this big guy .he went from church to church ,I would see him at our church at times or church where we had sing ins .You would put your hand out to shake and this guy would hit you in the belly .knoc some people down .he didn"t care if you were the pastor or any body .he hit me a few times .never knock me down ,but it did not feel good .he said the lord told himto hit people .Well some time I went with my church and pastor to a town about 50 miles away for a sing in .I had a fever about 103 or more was sweating bad .sitting in this church ,the pastor ask me to go to the bus and get a certain song book .I said yes and went out .on the way .this young guy about 25 and hios wife had pulled and and he called me over .I was not thinking well .He put out his hand .so I did .He hit me hard in the belly .Before I knew it .I had hit him in the belly and was had my arm pulled back to hit him again .which he was on his knees .his wife screamed .I kind of woke up and seen what I had done ..I said brother GOD does not want you hitting people .you need to stop this evil .And he was making some wining sounds .I went and got thye song book and walked past him ,stikll on his knees .and said the same thing .I went ion gave the book to the pastor and my fever left . I saw him the following sunday at our church .I put out my hand .he shook it as with every one else .i never saw him hurt anyone again .