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Title: HELP
Post by: imadams on June 28, 2003, 04:20:28 PM
I need help I am worse than I was last year. I am inlove wth a married man - he says he loves me more.  I believe he has never truly had relationsions with wife - no children - know by what he did not know - I bleive him . Wife is involved in lawsuite with father and when It ends he will leave her but it is leaving me an emotional mess and it just keeps getting worse and worse and words for me.  I don't know where to go - who to go to  - how to get there and I am so scared.  i  cry 7-24.  God does not seem to hear me ask for help.  I don't know were to go to.  All I want to do is sleep.  I am DESPERATE NEED of someone in the Rocky Hill CT area to help me.  I have no friends and I ned help - can't even have medical procedure done without someone.  Can any one out there hear my plea???  I am weak.  I think about moving back to Binghamton NY area just to get out of the mess but would I be making things more difficult.   i don't know what to do and am so afraid.  I need some one who can be with me for a day or to to help get me on tractk. Prayer - I have prayed every prayer I know and he has forgotten me.  Can't say  blame him. any.   Is there anyone out there who understand and who can help me??????????????????//

Title: Re:HELP
Post by: Whitehorse on June 28, 2003, 05:14:54 PM
You need to get out of that relationship. If moving is what you need to do to avoid him, do it. First, you need to be in a church-one you know something of, with people you can trust. God's silence right now may be the best thing for you, if it is something that encourages you to get out of sin. You have to do that. Other things you can do is start hanging out with other CHristian women or have an accountability partner. Do anything you have to do to break contanct with that man.

The thing that indicates a problem is your mentioning his saying he loves you more than his wife, or that he hasn't had reltions with her, because these things are irrelevant. It doesn't matter how much he loves you or how little he loves her; they are married. It doesn't matter if they had relations or not. He is married, and therefore off limits.

But if it helps you break off the relationship, remember that if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you. Because the bottom line is, he's unfaithful. But you helped him be that way. For the sake of your soul and those involved, you need to get out of it. This is not an offfense God takes lightly. Once you do that, you can work on rebuilding your relationship with the Lord.

Maybe look into what the emotional issues are that make you want to do this. If you're lonely, seek more friendships with other women. How you live has to become more important to you than how you feel, and then the rest will fall into line because you'll be able to give yourself in a committed way to a person who is committed to you. Then you'll find what you're looking for, I'd imagine.

I pray things will work out for all involved.