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Title: DEATH ,Where do WE go???
Post by: gary cook on December 04, 2004, 06:30:29 PM

As you may well know ?One miracle to GOD is not greater than another ?If one was ?i would say ?Our names in the lambs book of life was the GREATEST .But it took many miracles to bring us to this point ?
I story ,i guess starts when young .Being sickly ,then MY dad going to the hospital ,knowinly to his death ?He told me at about 5 .YOU are the only man now .YOu must take care of your mother and 4 sisters .I berlieved him .I went about trying in vain to control the home .well of course they did not like me ,acting like a little brat .Telling them ,who they could see and wear .chaseing there boy friends with sticks .a real brat .Trying so hard to be a man .But as the years went by .I blamed gOD for all my problems .as I saw it .HE controled every thing being GOD .I would get drunk and cursde hIm .ASK hIm why thios and that .Well I married and my dream had come true ?To have a nice wife and son .But she kept leaving and returning to her mom and dad .I would drink and feel sorry for ,poor me ?One night I drank until the bar closed .Went home .pasted out .This night ,I went into darkness .falling very fast .I knew at that moment ,I was going toward hell .I prayed .JESUS CHRIST ,give me another chance .I will change .I awoke ,where I had been laying was very wet .I was dead sober .Shaking like a leaf .I said .It must of been a dream .But also knowing .I could not awake after so much drinking .I went outsisde and knew I had been dead .I did not change right away .a coupole years late .I had remarried .again had a son .I was all alone in my home .I prayed ,if there is a real GOD ,and real JESUS CHRIST and the bible is real .Show me ?I do not want a man telling me or see it on t.v. or read it in a book .If you rweally died for me ?YOU can show me .If not there is no GOD .No right or wrong ,nothing matters .YOU live you die .That "s it .But if someone hears me ?I will fail .But everytime I fall down help me up .i will try again .Well HE CAME INTO MY HEART .I WAS BORN AGAIN .I said GEE LORD ,SO this is BORN AGAIN .Then not long after that .i went in for some tests [in the hospital ]They came me a bunch of pills down stairs and a shot .Then 45minutes later ,moved nme up stair .Then gave me another hand fukll of pills .I was well druged now .Then a few minutes later another nurse came by with the cart and handed me a bunch more .I said .I just took a bunch .She said no .THese will help you .MY mind was very confused .I took them as 2 nurses were both giving out the medcine ,not knowing the other was ?Well it was about 12:00 noon .I looked out the window saw the sky so nice and bright .Then the room got dark ,then in a blink of an eye .I saw NEW JERUSALEM .I Spoke to JESUS .I said LORD .I have 4kids who need me .I want to stay .But theY need me more .Can I go back .HE said yes .so in a another blink .I was in the bed .feeling better an ever before .The nurse ran in .She said are you ok .I said fine as the loud speaker was calling code blue I thionkl many times as the whole floor had pretty much been overdosed ..I told her to go help another as I never felt better .I never told her what had taken place .I knew the city was moving fast toward earth .it was in a space ,other an our .Because there were no stars or light .Except The GLORY of JESUS CHRIST .HE lit the city and also the space around the city .I never entered the city ,but knew if I did ?I would not leave .I saw the walls very high .But the towers were 3or4 times highter .Both times I died ?I prayed very fast .So I never came to the end of the blackness ,nor entered the city .BUT spoke with JESUS CHRIST .JUST as we do now .I had no form as I could see .And did not see HIm .BUT knew HE was with me . This was in 1976 .So this city has been traveling very fast for a long time .I look for it every day .As I believe ?It must be here soon . I have seen many miracles and been healed many times . I tghink the LORD lets these things take place ?That we tell others .That they will have FAITH .And be able to believe ,When they need to .He says He mostly choosesw the weak .SO i must be weak .I do not mine being weak for my LORD .BUT also knowing ?I can do all things in CHRIST JESUS .AS YOU CAN ALSO .Because WE ARE ONE and WE HAVE THE SAME HOLY SPIRIT

Don"t lean toward your own understanding ,The HOLY SPIRIT will teach you all things.The greatest of these is LOVE.Without faith it is impossible to please you have done to the least of these , you have done to ME ,I am the way the truth the light , :)

Title: Re:DEATH ,Where do WE go???
Post by: The_8th_Person on December 06, 2004, 11:22:30 PM
Praise God; to be in the midst of Jesus or to see the gates of heaven how glorious that would be. Amen to you gary cook.

Title: Re:DEATH ,Where do WE go???
Post by: gary cook on December 07, 2004, 12:47:16 AM
It is in my mind always .But i sure would have liked to see inside  
But I do know we are with HIM so fast after we shed this flesh .