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Title: Jerusalem Summit - Council of Civilizations
Post by: 2nd Timothy on November 23, 2004, 08:05:43 PM
I just stumbled onto a site, that talks about an upcoming summit meeting between the US, Europe, Asia in Israel Nov 27-2004.  New Ideas from the Old City


The Second Jerusalem Summit will take place on November 27-30, 2004 and will focus on developing a Humanitarian Solution to the Middle East Conflict.
Jerusalem Summit-2004 will also offer innovative ideas in several fields which are crucial for advancement of democracy and overcoming the global threats:
 * Liberation of Moslem Women as Means of Changing the Totalitarian Regimes
 * Use of Technology in Fighting Poverty
 * Interpreting Koran in the Spirit of Tolerance
 * Improving Democratic Voting System

Jerusalem Summit 2004 will also develop a new concept, the Council of Civilizations, which we expect to evolve into a new model for the unity of nations.

summit link

The Council of Civilizations link below is what gave me the willies.

small snippet -

Unlike the current U.N. framework, governments will not be represented at the Council. It will be comprised of the best minds of 12 world’s principal civilizations. It is the civilizations that, with their distinct cultures and religious philosophies, are the real players on the world stage, and conflicts between them are the most dangerous and destructive. In the Council they will be represented by individuals who carry moral and intellectual authority with their respective civilizations.


Principles of the Council of Civilizations, Gathering representatives of the civilizations (not governments) which are shaping the fate of humanity: superpowers and clusters of countries with common cultures.  Agreeing on the existence and definition of the common moral basis: the universal ethical laws.  Searching solutions to the burning global problems on the basis of these values.

Three-fold actions:

1. Facilitate synergy of civilizations and search for morality-based solutions.
2. Propagate these solutions and advise governments to adopt them.
3.Advance Global Education to Universal Moral Values.


1. The spiritual laws that serve as common basis to all religions must also serve as basis for taking decisions in all the human activities. Most important of these laws are:

Consciousness defines Being
Human life is sacred
People have equal rights and freedoms
Religions are diverse and all equally lead to God

Double (

What the Council will actually DO?

- It will develop an efficient Alternative Model for decision making in world politics:

Read it all here:

Link to main web site:


Title: Re:Jerusalem Summit - Council of Civilizations
Post by: 2nd Timothy on December 02, 2004, 04:36:01 PM

Jerusalem Summit Calls for Alternative to UN

The Second Jerusalem Summit came to a close last night (Tuesday) with a plenary session entitled “Geopolitical Crisis: Israel – Between Civilizations.”

The three-day summit, which began November 27 at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, has focused on developing a “Humanitarian Solution to the Middle East Conflict.”


“If the United Nations continues to be dysfunctional," the Congressman said, "then other means must be sought” to bring an end to the ongoing conflict. Along these lines, the 2004 Jerusalem Summit features an innovative new concept called the Council of Civilizations – an international body intended to offer an alternative model to the United Nations

entire article here:

Things are moving at warp speed!