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Title: ambassaudors
Post by: joyce on November 14, 2004, 12:02:26 PM
Recently I have been challenged about living the christian life i.e by actions.  Our testimony will be much convincing if matched by actions.  Take time to be kind, helpful, considerate of others ...It will take practicing and practicing makes perfect.  If we have it mind that we do it for the lord it is easier.  If you feel in your heart you have no love, tell God let me love with your love.  If you are without respect to your husband say Lord let me respect with your respect, If you cant smile at anyone, say lord, let me smile like I am smiling for you.  From peoples life experiences we can learn a lot.  e.g this husbad who loves the wife despite what she is, really loves with the lords love.  The bible says in everything we do do it like you are doing it for Jesus.  When we take the effort to do something like being kind slowly it becomes a habit and we can win others to the Lord as they are attracted by our way of life.  Really with no pressure with the lords help we can really be christ represesntatives.  Only when we recognize that I cannot do it lord, but with you I can do it.  When you are weak yet you are strong.  Even in prayer, as you start say lord, please help me to pray, holy spirit guide me in the prayer.
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Title: Re:ambassaudors
Post by: wordwarrior on November 18, 2004, 03:27:36 AM
I totally agree with u!!  We are witnesess by the words we speak and the lives we live and one is ineffective without the other. :)