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Title: We both wanted to be point guard
Post by: Pixie on November 01, 2004, 11:11:47 PM
Hey Guys!! I hope everyone is doing as well as I am right now!!!

    I just got off the phone with a friend of mine that is in rehab! I want to give you a little bit of background info on this situation!!!
    My friend and I grew up in church together!! Although we weren’t always the best of friends (as a matter of fact when we where like 8 we would fight a lot) still the fact remains that we where friends. We where always competing against each other… (we both wanted to be point guard on our church basketball team) as we got older, we went our separate ways, but still remained quite similar!! She was the preppy version of me, and I was the Tomboyish version of her. Around the same age we both started to drink, and get involved in drugs and guys. However, she took things further then I did.
   It’s been laid on my heart the past few months to be prayen’ for her. Then I found out that she was going to have to go to rehab. I’ve spent sometime on my knees for her that she will be able to come home, and really get her life straight
   Tonight she called me, and told me she was going to come home on Wed. and that she was going to stop drinking and using drugs and that she was going to go back to collage and study!!!
   I just really want to ask you guys to be prayen’ for her as she comes back home!!! I’ve invited her to come to the Thurs. night worship for youth @ our church!! Just please be prayen’ that when she comes home, she will be doing well, and that she will keep on a straight path. Also pray that she comes to know the Lord!!!


Title: Re:We both wanted to be point guard
Post by: ivan on November 04, 2004, 05:32:22 AM
Pixie I am praying for your  friend.
And I understand you. Some my friends from childhood know all about God’s love but don’t know God as a savior.
So please pray for them.