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Title: Many answers
Post by: iconHis on July 29, 2004, 04:13:03 AM

Hello there folks!

The Lord truley moves as he hears us daily seeking His will to be manifested in the burdens of others.  I think this is the most congregating movement among the bretheren.  It lifts me up to see all of us to open our hearts to each other in these times.  
We know that there is so much going on and why.  What a whirlwind!  On the other hand, our Lord calms the waters of His people.
Thank you for your continued prayer.  There has been many avenues opened, and many blessings since I've posted last.  
I still work a full time job, and now have gotten a new biz off to a good start, and what an easy biz to do!  My friend has really been working in all directions and I have been so busy, still staying up late, ( obviously by looking at this post time ), but the hard work is over in setting it up as of tonight!  I do need prayer for strength because my asthma is worsening and it is difficult in many ways.
I can't believe how things can get so messed up when one is under stress, yet I think within two weeks it will all be cleared up and I am thankful that people knew me and understood that I honestly forgot or messed up.  They are working with me.

Prayer is still needed for my daughter who hasn't been home for a month now, visiting some good friends that treated her to a visit all the way to Cali.  She needed it, and I did.  It has really helped me to concentrate and just work things out.

Therefore, again, our precious, loving Lord has known all along and manifests His love again!  

Thank you once again.  God hears our prayers always.  I am glad God has built patience and determination in my character.

In Christ, iconHis

Title: Re:Many answers
Post by: felix102 on August 19, 2004, 03:05:32 PM
amen, praise God!