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Title: A prayer request...badly needed.
Post by: Araith on June 29, 2004, 01:03:29 AM
I've grown up going to this church I am now attending. But, over the past few months I've been on and off going to church. My Grandfather stepped down as elder and my mom was really upset by it, because he also left the church. She soon decided she couldn't go, she said she felt like crying when she went. I've been going there with a few weeks of not going. I started up again about three weeks ago. As these two months have gone by since she left, my mother has gotten worse. She lost all meaningful friends in her life, and God has no where to claim his home in her heart. She isin't evil, but she just lost contact, and she's been going through modes of depression because of it. I hate that she won't go back, but she also won't go somewhere by herself, and where my grandfather goes isin't a church that could help her.

This past sunday, most of the leaders of small groups met to pray for one of our ministers going to Honduras, I was praying too, but I talked to them after this was done. I told them I was going to leave to go somewhere with my mom, in hopes that she would find god again. I told them she wasn't going to a church by herself, or seeking god alone, so I think if I go somewhere with her that I could go with her and encourage her, and hopefully get her to take it all seriously again. I couldn't get past two sentances before I started crying. It was the first time I've truly opened up to them, even when I'm down I'd put up a false facade in front of them. I wasn't crying because of my mom, but because I loved that church and everyone there, and always will, but I would have to break most of the ties there to go and help my mom. I really don't wish to leave the church, and it makes me very sad when I even think about it.

Everyone there encouraged me and they all prayed for me too. They said they would all try to talk to my mom and help her in anyway, but my hope in her returning there is thin. I just wanted to ask that everyone who will, pray for me and my mother in this situation. I don't know how it will end up, I really wish she could come back to the church, but if it means bringer her back to god then I'm willing to go somewhere with her. I just cry when I think of leaving the church I grew up in, where I became apart of god's family, and recieved some of the greatest lessons in my life. Just pray that god will work in this, and that he give me strength to leave the church if that has to happen, and pray that my mom will  come back to god, either at this church or another.

~My deepest gratitude.

Title: Re:A prayer request...badly needed.
Post by: felix102 on June 29, 2004, 04:56:46 PM
Praying for you.

I don't go to church consistently either. Its important for us to have fellowship together cause that's where we can grow stronger, but tell your mom it's not the end of the world if she's afraid to go or can't find a church. God will alway be with you and your mom. You should still demand your mom to go to church with you. I believe the church leaders are still praying for you, and they really want your mom to go back to the church.

It also seems like your mom is in real need of people. And you made a wise choice going here!! Introduce your mom to this forum. People here can encourage, counsel and pray for her.

Title: Re:A prayer request...badly needed.
Post by: DovesWings on June 30, 2004, 08:13:14 PM
I will defnitely be praying for your mom and yourself...

I have a similar situation...
I mentioned on another thread that my aunt, who is a pastor, was dx'd w/ cancer....her blood was free of it, but it decided to hit her bones.  Well, my mom was at her side from the beginning(when told my aunt was dx'd) up until about 3 weeks ago when my aunt kicked her out.
Since then, my mom will not return to church.  She says she is just fine watching services on tv and praying to God constantly.  She says that when she and I pray, or she and my stepdad, that it is at least 2 or more being gathered.
My mom is getting into...well, I don't want to say depression, but I believe it is.  She is so hurt, and I believe she just needs to go to church w/ me(although I haven't gone in the past month...but I was dealing w/ my daughter's 3rd degree burns and my other daughter had blood poisoning from stepping on something at the beach...and she's diabetic...anyway...I not only belonged to my aunt and uncles church, but to another church(interdenominational) and will be returning to that one as of this coming Saturday.  I'm praying my mom will attend w/ me b/c I feel she really needs to be in a fellowship w/ other Christians...

I'll stop my rambling, but please know that I am praying for you and your mom...
God bless!!!

Title: Re:A prayer request...badly needed.
Post by: iconHis on July 01, 2004, 04:48:26 AM
Hey Araith!

Well, I will pray for you both.  Ever since I can remember, I am unable to go to church consistantly either.  Either because of a car, or a kid, or just plain ole tired because I usually work long hours per week, and Sunday is my only day off.  So when I really don't hear that alarm sometimes, I miss it.  I used to teach Sunday School, and really loved that. I loved the fellowship, and God's teachng.

It can get to you spiritually.  It's not that we are condemned, but we really need to hear the Word of God.  So I would say it's deprivation of life.  That's why I study and various other things in spare moments.  And felix is right, this forum would really be nice for her to have a little fun with us all, yet ever increasing in fellowship and learning.

radio  television   books

and studies on the internet you could print out and lay
around that are uplifting or a continual study.

These might be a motivator to thirst once again.

You're on the list with all others.  ;D     In Christ, iconHis

Title: Re:A prayer request...badly needed.
Post by: Aiki Storm on July 03, 2004, 10:06:10 PM
I will pray for you and your mom and your family.  
God bless

Title: Re:A prayer request...badly needed.
Post by: Lionroar0 on July 04, 2004, 12:02:04 AM

  Keep praying. I may be way off on this but it sounds like God is streghthen the both of you for something that he only knows.