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Title: Outrageous Grace - Christian E-zine
Post by: outrageous_grace on June 28, 2004, 05:53:35 AM
Hey there!

I wasn't too sure where to post this... but I figured that this was the place!

At the moment I am working on a Christian e-zine with three of my friends and also trying to get the family of God involved!  

I basically felt like God was telling me to get involved after a youth event a while ago.  The e-zine will include music reviews of both albums and live music, also poetry, testimonies, and quotes!  It's really working so well at the moment and lots the big UK Christian record companies have helped me so much! I feel so blessed by God and want to thank Him with all my heart.

I would also love it if any of you would contribute!  If you do have ANYTHING (especially poetry and testimonies) to contribute, please please, email me or IM me on this site!

I hope to hear from you!
Love and Blessings