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Post by: blank on May 24, 2004, 10:57:52 AM
I am surprised that my previous thoughts had any responces but I am more surprised at the words themselves. One of them stated that we were always meant to , as though destined to lose the struggle on earth. But that is ridiculous and obviously a dangerous teaching. There will be many hardships and struggles for the believers as they make there way through the tribulation events but we are far from losing. Is there a single believer that has missed the message of God. Its the same everywhere, every christian TV channel and every prophetic conference and every word from the Lord has been calling us. We are or should be preparing for what is coming. A darkening of the world must lead inevitably to a brightening of the Church on earth. Those of us who are ready will be very shortly walking in new depths with the Holy Spirit and with Power!!
We are not going to lose the earth or the Kingdom or anyone else to Lucifer unless we continue to sit on our hands. The power is and always has been in our hands. The Kingdom of God has been put under our authority yet we have been immature and unable to comprehend but now we are growing up.
The Passion consolidated our strength but what else can we do with it?
Its time we UNIFY and break down all DIVISIONS between us
We, yes, we should think about the impact we can have if we repent our shame and stand up for His gospel. Jesus did not instruct us to be idle but to be connected always working while it is still day. When night comes no one can work.
Many of us have begun to work together to design, hopefully to initiate a MOVEMENT of believers who would represent a enormous political voting block, a significant ecenomic power, and if we could actually unite a majority of believers we would represent the very heart of the USA. We can change this, our history. We have the power and we have time to prepare. Whos radical, whos on fire, whos the real thing, lets get together, lets speak.   Sean

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Post by: ollie on May 24, 2004, 06:15:08 PM

Ollie  :)

Title: Re:THE PLAN
Post by: JudgeNot on May 24, 2004, 10:26:20 PM
Many wanted Jesus to “lead a revolution” through massing the Jews against Rome.  That wasn’t Jesus’ way.  
Blank, it sounds as if you want to “mass a revolution” in Jesus’ name.  I wonder; would Jesus would approve?
One believer leading others to Him, if necessary, only one at a time, creating an army for heaven rather than an army on earth - isn't that closer to Jesus' plan?  Is it the Christian way to suppress non-believers or is it the Christian way to win through love and example - one heart at a time?

The only hope to change the world is by changing one heart at a time - not through mass marches in an attempt to force an opinion on others.  That doesn't make believers - that makes "subjects".   Not to many weeks ago, pro-infanticide supporters marched on Washington.  It only worked to make me more determined to work against them.

In the end, Christ’s army will prevail against evil.  It is written and so will be true.