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Post by: chanelle on May 26, 2003, 06:56:41 PM
I have many needs flooding my mind, ready for your earnest, faithful prayers.  My children,their well being,  my church, broken and strained relationships(T&K),lost loved ones, oh to be a better witness, to overcome doubts,bad habits and bad attitudes, as well as bad hair days.  PLEASE to be a witness to the lost that is pleasing to the Lord and helpful to the sinner.

May others see the light of Jesus in me.  May others see the light of Jesus in you!!!!!

Amen brothers and sisters.

Title: Re:Many needs(HELP PRAYER WARRIORS)
Post by: all4God on May 29, 2003, 09:32:48 PM
I am sooooo... right there with you.  I am going through almost the same thing.  All except the kids' well being.  However, when I have children I am sure that I will be asking for the same prayer.  In your situation, you just need to pray and sit back and watch God work.  It makes everything that you're struggling with so much easier because trusting God helps you not worry so much.  And when we're not worrying, it makes us a little more pleasant around others (hint, hint... voice of experience).  Plus, when you just let God take care of it, you can sit back and see your prayers be answered right before your eyes! By the way, I read the response you wrote to my neice's prayer request. Thank you so much! I will e-mail it to her as soon as I can and I am sure that it will bring an abundance of encouragement to both her and her siblings.

Title: Re:Many needs(HELP PRAYER WARRIORS)
Post by: IM4Christ on May 29, 2003, 10:50:02 PM
All of what you stated, I can say I have been or am going through myself. I will remeber you in my prayers and hope that God touches you and answers your needs. I believe the Lord has challenges for us in which, he wants to see how faithfull we are to him. He means no harm but tries to teach us lessons in which will make us stronger for him.