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Title: New respect for Rap
Post by: Tibby on May 24, 2003, 04:06:36 PM
Finally, a Rapper who don’t rap about “Bust’n caps” and “Slap’n hoes”  These other rappers, they sit in their 5 million dollar Mansions, and say they live in the hood and they have to kill every day, making the young inner city children think they relate. It is a shame. Even mainstream Christian Rappers like T-Bone and ETW will sing about it. And then, John Rueben and Ill Harmonicy flat out avoid the issue. But now there is a rapper who will stand up for the truth! I heard him on “the Blaze” a serualer Hip-Hop station in my area. I was shocked by these lyrics, they made me feel… happy! I’m so used to Eminem and Ja Rul shouting anger and obscenities, but now There is one rapper, a Christian, who is trauly speaking words on encouragements, a “word in season to him who is weary” Nas is his name, and “I can” is the song. Listen to the lyrics:

I know I can,
Be what I wanna be,
If I work hard at it,
I’ll be where I wanna be.


Boys and girls listen up,
You can be anything in the world
In God we trust,
An architect, doctor, or maybe an actress,
But nothing comes easy, it takes much practice.
Like I met a women who was becoming a star,
She was very beautiful leaving people in awe
Singing songs, Lena Horne but a younger version,
Hung with the wrong person got her strung
Cocaine sniffing up drugs all in her nose,
Could have died so young,
Now looks ugly and old,
No fun coz now when she reaches for hugs,
People hold their breath coz she smells of corrosion and death,
Watch the company you keep and the crowd they bring,
Coz they came to do drugs and you came to sing.

So if you wanna’ be the best I’m tell you how,
Put your hands in the air and take a bow.

Chorus x 2

Boys and girls listen again,
This is for the grown looking girls who’s only ten,
The ones who watch videos and do what they see,
As cute as can be, up in the club with fake ID,
Careful before you meet a man with HIV,
You could host the TV like Oprah Winfrey,
Whatever you decide be careful some men be,
Rapists so act your age don’t pretend to be,
Older than you are give yourself time to grow,
You thinkin’ he can give you wealth,
But so young boys you can use a lot of help you know,
Thinkin’ life is all about smoking weed and ice,
You don’t wanna be my age and can’t read and write,
Beggin’ different women for a place to sleep at night,
Smart boys grow into men who do whatever they wish,
If you believe you can achieve then say it like this.
Chorus x 2

Before we came to this country,
We were kings and queens never porch monkeys,
There were empires in Africa called Kush,
Timbukto were every race came to get books,
To learn from black teachers who taught Greeks and Romans,
Asians, Arabs and gave them gold,
When gold was converted to money it all changed,
Money became the power for the Europeans,
The Persian military invaded they heard,
About the gold the teachings and everything sacred.
Africa was almost robbed naked,
Slavery was money so they began making slave ships,
Egypt was where Alexander the Great went,
He was shocked at the mountains with black faces,
Shot off the nose to impose what basically still goes on today you see,

If the truth is told the youth can grow,
Learn to survive till they take control,
Nobody said you had to be gangsta’s hoes,
Read more, learn more change the globe,
Ghetto children do your thing,
Hold your head up little man you’re a king,
Young princess when you get your wedding ring,
Your man will say she’s my Queen.


And on top of that, he is a GOOD rapper. Not some ATF poser that shames all music, but a rap who can hold his own with the best of them! He raps about not using the Ghetto and excuse for not trying ,and to study in school, work hard and become great! He preaches about respecting women! And he does it is a good way. I hate these Christian evangelistic rappers who seem top be still such in the 80’s with there clothing, words, and rhythms, and are so pushing about God. But he isn’t like that! He mentions God, and give credit, but he isn't preachy or lame! Call your local radio stations, ask for “I can” by Nas!  

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Sapphire W34P0N on May 24, 2003, 05:21:31 PM
Rap sucks. I just hate it.

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Saved_4ever on May 27, 2003, 06:52:35 AM
Garbage like most modern Christian music.

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Brother Love on June 23, 2003, 06:25:00 AM
I do NOT like CRAP, I mean RAP, Christian or non-Christian

Brother Love :)

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Kristen on June 25, 2003, 03:03:44 PM
I like John Reuben.   :)  but thats about it.

Title: New respect for Rap
Post by: Ambassador4Christ on June 26, 2003, 02:03:04 PM
I do NOT like CRAP, I mean RAP, Christian or non-Christian

Brother Love :)


Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: tqpix on August 05, 2003, 09:41:07 PM
The only rap music I like are from Will Smith and P.Diddy--and occasionally from Eminem.

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: cowboy75 on August 17, 2003, 07:14:08 AM
Tibby > Having listened to rap for quite a while I can safely say Nas is about the best choice for Christians.

Why I hear you ask? Due to his rebirth as it were. If you listen to any of his older albums you will see he rapped about guns, ho's and drugs just the same as those you hate now. He even claimed to be the first to rap about guns at one point.

So yes it is good that he has changed his material, but he was once the same as those you now choose to not listen to. So bear this in mind when you think all rappers are the same and can't change.

PS I don't like Nas, never have, and shockignly I listen to Country more now than rap, go figure!


Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Tibby on August 17, 2003, 08:25:53 PM
You've gon' country, uh? I'm interesting, how did this come about?

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: cowboy75 on August 25, 2003, 03:59:08 PM
Tibby - Well, I heard a song called "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" by Toby Keith and that made me want to hear more.

There is so much passion, humour and despair in country music, same as you'd find in possibly any other genre but I'm more than open to new ways of putting these across.

So thats where it started, now I have several cds, it's all mainly 'new' country.

Still listen to hip hop tho, just got The Neptunes Present 'CLONES'. I like it!


Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Tibby on August 25, 2003, 05:46:40 PM
Yeah, I live in Neal McCoy's home town, so he is really big here. Not a big fan, myself. I like the younger guys like Django Walker. Not those younger guys who dress and act Metal and then sing country. They just get annoying. There music video's even look like rock. The lead singer is shouting, mouth wide, into the camera, the band playing in a dark, gothic setting in the back ground, you unmute it, and think "Do my ear decisive me? Is that country music they are singing?" It makes you want to break all your CDs and slit your wrist with the pieces. I HATE what MTV has done to music in the past 20 years.

Personally, I perfere blue grass to country. Do you listen to any Blue Grass?

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Whitehorse on August 25, 2003, 11:37:13 PM
Tib, glad you found some music you like, in the style you like, that's clean. Kudos to you, buddy.

Title: Re:New respect for Rap
Post by: Tibby on August 26, 2003, 08:56:24 AM
Thank, but personally, I don’t like him. He is to old school for my taste. There is only a hand full of men who can pull of rapping old school and still sound good, and there is a pretty good chance he isn’t one of this. That isn’t the point. The point is, he is topping the Hip-hop Charts, the point is, for once, inner city children are exposed someone who is good for them, someone telling them to become doctors and lawyers someone telling them to respect women, someone telling them to be proud in there pre-slave black culture. And unlike these “Christian” rappers, they are listening to him.