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Title: Deke's Testimony
Post by: jive4005 on April 01, 2004, 07:17:32 AM
My salvation story beings as I was living the drug-alcohol-pride filled life of a musician... unfullfilled yet content with the who-what-where of my life-walk. While driving alone in my truck early one winter's morning (about 2am) in Jan.'95... returning home from a music gig (I'm a full-time solo entertainer/singer) the Lord spoke out to me AUDIBLY...
He said simply... "I'm going to work in your life"... I was dumbstruck....and although I did not feel I had actively been searching for Him, I had no doubt about WHO was speaking to me... (I was HAD to be...and I Knew it was... God!) Although what he said was a Statement...there seemed to be an underlying question in His tone... one requiring a reply...and I really didn't know exactly what to say... so I just said..."O.K.".... and that was that... the end of the talk... but definitely NOT the end of the story.
From that moment on it seemed I had a charmed life... everything I touched turned to gold (figuretively... of course). All of a sudden, everybody loved me, work became much too easy to find, the money was rollin' in... my family seemed to have a better attitude towards me...everything was working out GREAT. And this continued without letup for over 10 months. Now comes the GOOD part...
One day as I was doing errands, I missed my exit and took an alternate route off my local highway...and as I headed up the exit ramp... the Holy Spirit jumped all over me!!! Right there in my truck, He got Right INTO ME. It was the most puzzling and wonderful feeling. At that very moment, the Lord of the Universe revealed His Glory of ALL creation to was , to say the least, overwhelming.
For the very first time in my entire life (I was 45 at the time), God showed me how He sees things... rocks, trees, grass, the sky...then he made me so AWARE of everything. Both natural things He had given the earth, and things he has taught man to develope and fashion. As all this was happening I was experiencing the greatest joy, peacefulness and love I had ever known... and as you might expect... I was crying my eyes out (such a big burly guy-6'4", 300lbs-cryin' like a baby). It was all SO beautiful, SO wonderful. For the first time in my life, I really felt wanted.
As I drove off the exit ramp onto the local road, I passed a tiny sign. It had a small cross upon it along with the name of a church. Now, understand something ...I'M A BUSY GUY....THINGS TO DO!...and while I'm crying and wondering exactly what is happening to me...I'm still very strongly connected to this worldly life I've so long embraced... so, I see the sign, but I blow right by it...I HAVE IMPORTANT ERRANDS TO DO...when ...suddenly, that Exact Same Voice from 10 monthes ago SHOUTS at me (again Audibly)... STOP!
Once again I was amazed...Who/How could that be...??? I slow down but do not stop and He yells "STOP! PULL OVER!". This freaks me out a little... so I DO pull over to the shoulder and stop. Then my head says to me..."this is're hearin' things... having hallucinations or maybe a flashback from the heavy drug-using days"... so I begin to start driving again... I get about 50' and the Lord again yells... "STOP... TURN AROUND". All of a sudden it hits me like a ton of bricks... this IS that same voice I heard so many monthes "is" GOD...and He wants me to follow those little church signs. So I carefully turn around...and I drive about half way back to the sign (it's still about 300' away) when suddenly I pull over and start cursing and swearing, saying things like..."you gotta be nuts, you're hearing voices, it's gotta be the drugs, this Can't be happening, you must be going crazy, etc etc etc".
All the while this is happening I'm Still seeing the world thru God's eyes, I'm still crying, and I'm still sittin' there with the Spirit all over me. It's like a big wrestling match. I'm fightin' this thing hard with my mind and my soul... but God's got a tight hold on my spirit and He isn't letting go (PTL).
Just when I am about to convince myself to give up this ridiculous thing, the Lord of All heaven and earth, always knowing the right thing to do and say... always knowing exactly how to reach the most hidden parts of your heart... said to me(still AUDIBLY)... "have courage".
And with those words, my resistence to His Will simply melted away, and I know THAT is the very moment I truely surrendered to Him and was saved His grace and mercy.
To finish the saga...I followed the signs...which lead me to a real, faith-based Christian Church and loving family. I attend regularly...and since this happened...the Lord Jesus has saved my wife, mother, sister-in-law, and many many others ...through my salvation and the salvation of my family.
The Lord took the extra steps needed to reach this most resistant sinner and bring him home ...He will do it for you too....if you let Him....
God Bless you, in Christ Jesus

Title: Re:Deke's Testimony
Post by: jive4005 on June 02, 2004, 09:48:43 AM
... and just wanted to add..." He ain't done with me yet!"


Title: Re:Deke's Testimony
Post by: Jesusinme on June 29, 2004, 05:41:49 PM
That's a wonderful testimony!! ;DPraise God