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Title: Music by bands that you didn't know were christian...
Post by: ChildofGod on March 26, 2004, 03:13:49 AM
Okay, I like the oldies... but I just wanted to let people know about a couple well-known bands that you probably didn't know are christian! for example, who hasn't heard of Genesis? ::shudder:: and 80's and 90's pop hits from them yes, they're terrible... but in the early seventies with Peter Gabriel singing, they were devoutly christian and it shows in their songs! and they're not poppy.. it's good stuff. If you didn't know about this and ever liked them, go read the lyrics to "Supper's Ready" (specially the last part) and "Can Utility and the Coastliners"(that one's about Christ defeating evil kings of the earth) - Read these beautiful lyrics:

"The scattered pages of a book by the sea
Held by the sand, washed by the waves
A shadow forms cast by a cloud,
Skimming by as eyes of the past, but the rising tide
Absorbs them effortlessly claiming.

They told of one who tired of all singing,
"Praise him, praise him."
"We heed not flatterers," he cried,
"By our command, waters retreat,
Show my power, halt at my feet,"
But the cause was lost,
Now cold winds blow.

Far from the north overcast ranks advance
Fear of the storm accusing with rage and scorn.
The waves surround the sinking throne
Singing "Crown him, crown him,"
"Those who love our majesty show themselves!"
All bent their knees." -Genesis, Can Utility and the Coastliners 1972

also Genesis' "Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" is about our beloved faith! .......... ooooooohhhhh another one.... the band Yes, believe it or not was strongly christian. Read closely the lyrics to "Close to the Edge" (about the endtimes and the leadup)

quote: "I crucified my hate and held the word within my hand..."

"Starship Trooper" is also a great Yes song about christianity. These guys were really mainstream so nobody really related them with christianity.

Those of you who ever liked any of these guys but didn't realize they love God may have new reason to like their music! I just wanted to bring that up cuz its not commonly known, and it's all great music about the Lord. I listen to these guys and can't help but think "Right on, brother!" ;D

if you think i'm a fogie, well okay... lol
(i'm only 20, i swear!!! i love all kinds of new stuff too 8))