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Title: This is what I believe Luke 13:28 means today .
Post by: dan p on July 05, 2021, 03:58:09 PM
I happened to be reading in Luke 13:28 and then checked the  Greek text !

 It reads There shall be weeping gnashing of teeth , when  ye shall see  Abraham , and  Isaac , and  Jacob , and all the  prophets , in the  Kingdom of  God , and you yourselves THRUST  OUT .

 So when does  this weeping and  gnashing of teeth happen ?

 It has been  happening for some 2000 years and  counting , as SHALL BE / ESOMAI   and  verb is in the  FUTURE  TENSE  and in the  Indicative  mood that means  it is a  Fact .

 This means that Abraham  , and  Jacob and  Isaac and the  OT  prophets are being seen in Hades where there is a gulf between Paradise in  Luke 16:26 .

 The  Greek words , YE SHALL SEE / OPTANOMAI   is in the  Greek  Aorist  tense which has happened in the  PAST .
 And those in Hades  , are watching ,  YOURSELVES  THRUST /  EKBALLO  out from  entering the Kingdom of  God .

dan p