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Title: The Patriot Post Digest 10-25-2018
Post by: nChrist on October 25, 2018, 04:42:50 PM
The Patriot Post Digest 10-25-2018
From The Federalist Patriot
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The Patriot Post® · Mid-Day Digest

Oct. 25, 2018 ·


“If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free — in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816)


Were the packages supposed to detonate or just create headlines?
Disintegrating families are the source of our cultural and political rot.
Do college students have PTSD because of Trump?
Sweden is absolutely not a model of socialist success.
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Bombing the Midterm Election?1

Mark Alexander

Wednesday morning, as I was completing my weekly column, “The Democrat Platform: Foment Fear, Anger, Hatred, and Division2,” the news wires were abuzz with reports of explosive devices addressed to Democrat notables. No small irony that column was about the fact that Democrats have little to offer going into the midterm election other than promoting fear, anger, and hatred.

If you did not see the footnote in my column, I cautiously wrote: “October surprise? … It is noteworthy that the Soros, CNN, and Cuomo packages were opened but the devices did not detonate — for reasons the FBI and ATF are investigating. The fact that none of the devices detonated calls into question whether they were intended to detonate or hoax devices intended only to make headlines. While the Left does not have exclusive rights to violent assailants, the timing of these device deliveries is questionable.”

Of course, Democrat Party3 principals and their Leftmedia talkingheads4 are running with “right-wing bomber” (or #MAGAbomber, in social-media speak), but as I noted, “the devices could have been sent by a leftist in an effort to support the midterm election of Democrats.” And recall that threats against synagogues and burnings of black churches in recent years turned out to be those on the Left masquerading as “right-wing haters” in order to advance the Left’s statist agenda. The same goes for more minor “hate crimes” on college campuses.

So why would I question whether these “bombs” were real or inert?

First, I understand the Left’s tactics, though this could just as easily be some anarchist on the Right. However, by definition anarchists are “Left.”

Second, and I could be wrong, but here is my armchair analysis.

The photo above is the “explosive device” that was sent to CNN — and according to sources, similar to those sent to others. For 30 years, related to a former occupation, I have been a professional member of a bomb detection and investigation group. Over the years, I have seen inert decoy “bombs” with timers configured exactly like the CNN device. That does not mean all the devices were inert, but it appears this one certainly was.

For the record, if a bomb was designed for detonation upon opening, it would have a very different triggering mechanism — like those sent by leftist Theodore John Kaczynski, a.k.a. the “Unabomber.” He devised triggers designed to detonate the device when the parcels were opened, and his bombs murdered three people and severely injured others.

To be clear, whether or not these devices were intended to detonate or disrupt, this is, by definition, an act of terrorism. And there is a possibility that these initial deliveries were a “dry run” of sorts. I would expect, given the amateurish construction, packaging, and delivery method, that tracking down the maker(s) will be swift. There is a significant forensic trail that will lead to arrests.

For his part, President Donald Trump5 declared, “Acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America.” Indeed they don’t.

He continued: “The full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice. This egregious conduct is abhorrent to everything we hold dear and sacred as Americans. In these times we have to unify. We have to come together.”

But the word “unify” is anathema to Demo minority leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Predictably, they replied, “President Trump’s words ring hollow until he reverses his statements that condone acts of violence.”

The Demo duo dug in deeper: “Time and time again, the President has condoned physical violence and divided Americans with his words and his actions: expressing support for the Congressman who body-slammed a reporter, the neo-Nazis who killed a young woman in Charlottesville, his supporters at rallies who get violent with protestors, dictators around the world who murder their own citizens, and referring to the free press as the enemy of the people.”

If you read their words as anything other than a most disgraceful partisan tripe, then you must be a dullard Democrat.

Of course, while they suggested Trump was a supporter of today’s anarchist Hitlerian adolescents, they forgot to assert he is a fan of Stalin and Mao. Oh, wait… Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all socialists — like Pelosi and Schumer.

And then there’s Hillary Clinton, who declared, “It’s a time of deep divisions and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together.” That’s quite a reversal from just two weeks ago, when she insisted6, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.”

As I noted yesterday, Democrats depend on fear, anger, and hate to create disunity. Barack Obama7 elevated their “divide and conquer” strategy as the centerpiece of his political playbook a decade ago. Schumer and Pelosi, et al., have perfected it. The model for their strategy, a.k.a. “divide and rule,” is to dissolve the bonds that tie people together, to break constituents up into manageable pieces so they can be more easily controlled.

And again, disunity is all they have to offer.

Footnote: Though New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his sidekick, Mayor Bill de Blasio, were quick to get in on the “blame Republicans” act, according to NYPD spokesperson Peter Donald8, “The earlier suspicious package at Governor Cuomo’s office in midtown has been cleared by NYPD personnel. It was unrelated. And there was no device of any kind.”

Title: The Patriot Post Digest 10-25-2018
Post by: nChrist on October 25, 2018, 04:44:19 PM
The Patriot Post Digest 10-25-2018
From The Federalist Patriot
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Top Headlines9

Trump calls for “peace and harmony” in wake of domestic pipe bomb terrorism (Washington Examiner10)
New York Times: Who’s up for a short story about Trump being assassinated? (Hot Air11)
Judge finds part of Trump’s sanctuary city policy unconstitutional (Townhall12)
Third U.S.-bound caravan takes shape, this one from El Salvador (NBC News13)
Media fawn over caravan, but thousands more gather to end abortion and get no coverage (Washington Examiner14)
Stocks plummet, erasing 2018 gains (National Review15)
New York sues Exxon Mobil, accuses company of downplaying climate change risks (The Hill16)
Trump administration approves first oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s federal waters (Washington Examiner17)
Saudi Arabia says Khashoggi’s killing was premeditated in latest reversal (The Washington Post18)
Humor: Bloods, Crips release joint statement calling for more civility in U.S. politics (The Babylon Bee19)
Policy: The migrant caravan is a symptom of nagging challenges in Central America (American Enterprise Institute20)
Policy: The U.S. needs to put its values back at the center of foreign policy (American Enterprise Institute21)
For more of today’s news, visit Patriot Headline Report22.


Delivery Driver Travels 225 Miles to Deliver Pizza to Dying Man23
Julie and Rich Morgan spent just two years living in Battle Creek, and Steve’s Pizza left a lasting impression on them.

More than two decades after they left the city, the couple was planning to revisit Steve’s Pizza for Julies 56th birthday. Instead, Rich, who has a form of salivary gland cancer, went to the hospital, where he ended up in the intensive care unit. He was told he had days, maybe weeks, left to live.

On October 16, Steve’s Pizza has made another impression on the couple, this time because of an extraordinary act of kindness by one of its employees.

Read more at Sunny Skyz24.

Disintegrating Families, Disintegrating Culture29

Arnold Ahlert

In recent30 columns31, this writer has sought to address the root causes of the nation’s increasing polarization. One of the foremost of those is an education system that turns out generations of weak-thinking Americans whose command of the nation’s founding documents, civic structures, and historical foundations is virtually nonexistent — even as those same Americans are well-schooled in the nation’s shortcomings. If this effort is allowed to continue, our status as a constitutional republic and what is often referred to as the world’s “last best hope for mankind” is seriously threatened. Nationally televised congressional hearings would be a great way to begin shedding light on a contemptible dynamic that can no longer be blamed on incompetence.

It is nothing less than a concerted and coordinated effort to “fundamentally transform” the nation, and it must be exposed.

Yet there can be no mistaking the reality that the devolution of our education system has root causes as well. The failure factories otherwise known as public schools created — and nurtured — by the Democrat Education Complex are far easier to maintain in a disintegrating culture. There is a level of legitimacy in the all-too-familiar teachers’ lament that some children are “unteachable,” and that assertion is almost invariably accompanied by the reason for it: Most of these children live in circumstances that could be charitably described as “chaotic” at best — and wholly removed from anything resembling civilized norms at worst.

How did we get to that place? Before the emergence of LBJ’s Great Society, Aid to Families with Dependent Children32 (AFDC) was reserved for widows, as a means of funding once-married women who had lost the primary male supporter of the family. In the 1960s, Johnson and Congress changed33 the qualifications: Any household where there was no male family head present became eligible for taxpayer subsidies.

The late Patrick Moynihan predicted34 the calamity35 that would follow, especially among blacks, where the out-of-wedlock birth rate has now reached36 77%, and single-parent families are mostly headed by women. Moynihan was criticized for being racist, and for assuming middle class values “are the correct values for everyone in America,” as civil rights leader Floyd McKissick asserted at the time.

Middle class values? In 1963, more than 90% of all American babies had married parents. A UN report37 released last week reveals the overall number of American births occurring out of wedlock has now reached 40%. The numbers38 for the Millennial generation are even worse: A whopping 57% of parents ages 26 to 31 are having children without getting married. Bloomberg News characterized39 the UN report as a “cultural shift.”

A cultural calamity is more like it.

Nonetheless, Americans are supposed to be encouraged by the fact that these births are occurring predominantly among unmarried couples living together, as opposed to single mothers. Moreover, the nation’s fertility rate, which reached a 30-year low last year, “would be much steeper if women weren’t having children outside marriage,” states John Santelli, a professor in population, family health, and pediatrics at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health. “The trend will continue, there’s no doubt about it,” he adds. “We can’t go back to [the] ‘50s.”

“The '50s” is a term currently used by progressives to belittle the nation’s cultural values, and no one demonstrated40 that better than students responding to two law professors who took Americans to task for abandoning them, including the idea that one should get “married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake.” The students asserted those values “stem from the very same malignant logic of hetero-patriarchal, class-based, white supremacy that plagues our country today,” and are “steeped in anti-blackness and white hetero-patriarchal respectability, i.e. two-hetero-parent homes.”

In other words, getting married and staying married is racist, homophobic, and elitist.

Columnist Joseph Misulonas is also on board37 with the current trend. “So don’t feel bad if you get pregnant out of wedlock,” he writes. “You simply are representing our modern times.”

How are our modern times working out? According to a Brookings Institution report41, two-thirds of unmarried parents split up before their child reaches the age of 12. And according to the latest study in a series of them conducted by agencies42 within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services approximately once each decade, children living with their biological but unmarried parents are four times as likely to be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused than children living with married parents.

It doesn’t get more “modern” than that. And while it’s easy to paper over this worrisome trend with the angry jargon of social justice warriors, or simply embrace it as the latest fad, there is no avoiding what’s really going on: More and more Americans reject the idea of being wholly committed to a marriage and their children.

Title: The Patriot Post Digest 10-25-2018
Post by: nChrist on October 25, 2018, 04:45:26 PM
The Patriot Post Digest 10-25-2018
From The Federalist Patriot
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It’s not surprising. While marriage is a legal commitment, it is also a spiritual one, and religion has been in decline43 for decades. We also live in an age where technology abets44 increasing levels of social dysfunction in a nation where millions of Americans now prefer social-media connections to physical interaction. Add identity politics45 to the mix, and it gets pretty tough for “toxic,” “privileged,”46 or “unnecessary”47 males to interact with women who are alternately48 “survivors” or “empowered” — all while the specter of violating the ever-expanding demands of political correctness hang heavy in the air.

Furthermore, if one can remain noncommittal with regard to two of life’s most important decisions, that casual indifference will not be quarantined from other aspects of one’s life. Perhaps that’s why it’s been so easy to convince millions of Americans that nonjudgmentalism, which posits that believing one value is superior to another is the equivalent of bigotry, is a superior way of thinking. Perhaps it’s why record numbers49 of Millennials remain living at home, or why 60 million abortions have been performed50 since 1973.

In short, the “easy way out” has never been easier.

Even more troubling (and indicative), when the important is trivialized, the trivial becomes important. Thus, we have a nation where Hollywood celebrities wax indignant51 about Disney cartoon princesses, college students demand “safe spaces”52 and courses free from “micro aggressions,” white milk is called53 a symbol of white supremacy, and a semipermanent state54 of hate and hysteria becomes a lifestyle choice.

A choice that allows one to completely dismiss55 millions of one’s fellow Americans as “deplorables” who “cling”56 to guns, God, and religion.

What millions of Americans are clinging to are the values that made this nation exceptional, and nothing forms the bedrock of that exceptionalism better than an intact nuclear family. A nation that dismisses it as just another “lifestyle choice” does so at its peril. There is nothing remotely “modern” about abandoning marriage, or “allowing a village” to raise one’s children. That such a proposition can be even be considered indicates we are a society besieged by toxic levels of self-centeredness and irresponsibility.

When children and marriage are essentially disposable, so is everything else.


College Millennials 'Traumatized’ by Trump’s Election?57 — When a narrow-minded, coddled generation doesn’t get what it wants, it feels traumatized.
Video: Sweden Is Not a Socialist Success58 — Many people think Sweden is socialist, but its success comes from free markets.
Humor Video: Ultimate Social Justice Warrior and Claire McCaskill59 — A hilarious parody campaign ad mocking leftist violence and intolerance.


Tony Perkins: “We all need to work to shut the door that leads to violence. And that starts by finding a way to communicate. Not by shouting at each other, but by starting to talk to one another. Obviously, feelings and emotions are running high. But 13 days before an election, we need to look at this from an eternal perspective — recognizing that the help we’re seeking isn’t in Washington. It’s in the hope and healing offered through faith in God — the same faith that’s sustained our nation for two and a half centuries in days much darker than this one. It’s time to turn our attention there, to the One who reconciles — regardless of color, age, party, or beliefs. … The path forward is a civil one. We continue to pray that people on both sides will choose it. Most importantly, we lift up our nation, which desperately needs God’s healing touch if we have any hope of rediscovering the mutual respect that makes America great. May the Lord help us to be reflective as a people about what’s at stake and seek His hand as we navigate these difficult waters.”


For the record: “Some insensitive bureaucrat argued that federal policy on gender should be based on ‘a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.’ Oh, the horror of it all. But wait. Don’t liberals believe policy should be grounded in science? The answer is yes — but not when it conflicts with their cultural dogmas on ‘gender fluidity.’ … As usual, any step backward from the Obama administration’s radical march into a funhouse with 51 boutique gender identities is seen as a return to the horrific world of … five years ago.” —L. Brent Bozell & Tim Graham

Upright: “It’s okay to disagree in politics, but it’s never okay to take action against another individual.” —White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

It begins: “There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.” —CNN president Jeff Zucker

Braying Jackass: “If you look at who [the bomb maker] targeted so far, it’s almost like they’re following Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. … The other part of Sarah Sanders’ statement is those who are responsible will be held accountable, and I think you have to ask how much Donald Trump is responsible for the climate that we’re in where things like this happen.” —Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines

Hypocrites: “President Trump’s words ring hollow until he reverses his statements that condone acts of violence.” —House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Friendly fire: “The people that are most offended by this are people who believe in affirmation action, because they’re like, ‘Elizabeth Warren didn’t need affirmative action.’ She perpetrated some level of fraud, and that hurts affirmative action.” —NBC’s Jon Allen

And last… “On the stupid ‘blame game’ the media & some politicians are engaged in over the pipe-bomb mailings: Knock it off. Pundits and politicians should keep their mouths closed and their minds open. Let the investigators do their job. Don’t speculate. We’ll know more soon enough.” —Ari Fleischer

Join our editors and staff in daily prayer for our Patriots in uniform — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen — standing in harm’s way in defense of Liberty, and for their families. We also humbly ask prayer for your Patriot team, that our mission would seed and encourage the spirit of Liberty in the hearts and minds of our countrymen.

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis

Nate Jackson, Managing Editor
Mark Alexander, Publisher