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Post by: dan p on July 05, 2018, 03:22:25 PM
 Hi to all and Paul is the   WRENCH  in most people theology !!    I remember when a  Acts 28er ,  and  HYPER- Dispensationalist asked  when the  BODY  of  Christ began  and his answer  was  , the  Body of Christ  began when Paul wrote his   FIRST  EPISTLE  , and the  28er   never ask if that is so , what book are you talking about and that was  years  ago . about 25 years ago !!

Today there is the  Acts 2  , Pentecostal  position  , the  Acts 9   dispensational  position  , the  Acts 7  position the  Acts 11  dispensational  position , the  Acts 13  dispensational  position  and the  Acts 28er  dispispenationalists   as to when the  Body of Christ  began !!

Gal 4:13  reads  ,  But    YOU  KNOW    that through  weakness  of the   flesh  , I  PREACHED   the  GOSPEL  to you the   first  time  !!

 #1  I believe that this is Paul's    first  book  !!

 #2 , The  first  verb is   YE  KNOW / EIDO   and is in the Greek  PERFECT  TENSE  , ACTIVE  VOICE  and a INDICATIVE  MOOD  !!

 #3 , The   PERFECT TENSE  means that from the  beginning of  the   Galatians  salvation   CONTINUES  until the  end of there  lives and also means  OSAS  !!

 #4 , The second verb is  I  PREACHED  THE  GOSPEL /  EUAGGELIZO    is in the  Greek   AORIST  TENSE and proves that  they were saved  under Paul's  earthly   ministry  !!

 #5 Gal 1:15  when Paul was   SEPARATED / APHORIZO    FOR God's  Gospel  !!

 #6  Rom 1:1  proves the Paul was   SEPARATED / APHORIZO   which is in the Greek   PERFECT TENSE   and that from then on , Paul was  LIMITED TO only preach the   Gospel of  God  !!

#7  This is why the  Acts 28er  or  HYPER- DISPENATIONALIST   refuse to accept  Paul's  letter as to the  Body of  Christ !!

#8  Gal 4:13  also  refutes  Matt 16:18  !!

dan p