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Post by: dan p on August 09, 2017, 06:48:38 PM
  Hi to all and here is the third reason Paul was the PATTERN of  salvation for  TODAY !!

 Acts 9:6  And trembling and terrified , he said , LORD , what do you wish me to do  ?   And the LORD  said to him ,  Rise and go into the city and it will be told you what is necessary for you to do !!

 And Jesus was called  LORD , SIR  , MASTER  , SON OF God   and is Paul calling Jesus  LORD different this  TIME ??

 Read 1 Cor 12:3  Therefore , I make known to you that  NO  ONE     SPEAKING   by God's  Spirit  says Jesus  ( is )  Accursed  , and  No One is  ABLE  to   SAY   LORD  JESUS  except  by  ( the )  HOLY SPIRIT !!

 This then , means Paul was speaking by the Holy Spirit  !!

 This also means Paul has the  HOLY Spirit  because  Paul was saved at that point in Time  !!

 Thr first 3 verbs  ,  KNOWN  ,  SPEAKING   and  ABLE   are all in the PRESENT TENSE  and that means what happened then is  CONTINUOUS ACTION   forever and Paul is always  SAVED  !!

 The fourth verb is  the Greek word   SAY  and is in the  AORIST TENSE  and points back to the time that Paul called Jesus  LORD  !!

 So Paul was then  BAPTIZO / PLACED   into teh Body of Christ ,  1 Cor 12:13   , which is his second baptism  !!

 His third  BAPTISM  happens in  Acts 9:17 when Ananias  says to Paul  "  and might be  FULL OF HOLY SPIRIT  !!

 Please notice that Ananias did  NOT  say be  full  of  ( the  )   Holy Spirit  ,  BECAUSE the Greek ARTICLE  ( THE )  is  not in the Greek text and that means since the word  ( the ) is not  USED  Paul receives the  POWER OF HOLY SPIRIT   and that means Paul   RECEIVED  the Holy Spirit 3 DIFFERENT  WAYS  so count them before you get  UPSET !!

 dan p