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Title: Here Comes the (Rainbow) Fuzz: NYPD Unveiled Fabulous Pride Car
Post by: Shammu on June 28, 2016, 05:12:46 PM
Here Comes the (Rainbow) Fuzz: NYPD Unveiled Fabulous Pride Car  >:(

For Pride, New York‘s Finest has one-upped last year’s headline-maker — the male police officer who danced while in uniform — by rolling out something bigger. Two and a half tons bigger, with 350 horsepower.

Unlike all the traditional blue striped vehicles in its fleet, New York City‘s police department has unveiled a rainbow-striped Ford Interceptor emblazoned with heart stickers that read “NYC Pride 2016,” and “Our ♥ goes out to Orlando” – all in rainbow colors, of course.

Patrol cars usually have the words “Courtesy Professionalism Respect” on their sides, but this model bears the slogan, “Pride Equality Peace.”

Orlando police tweeted their appreciation for the NYPD’s vehicle, which is expected to be seen at Pride festivities this weekend in Manhattan.

WNBC-TV reported that the department’s Gay Officers Action League posted a video of the SUV Thursday, showing that another slogan on the vehicle is, “NYPD out and proud.”

This is an abomination to me, cops now giving into the queer society. I was always taught growing up that all cops were neutral as fa r as homosexual behavior. To openly support the queer nation is a show of force against Christianity. I'm glad l don't live in New York City for surely God will punish those who support this queer society, we already know they are an abomination to the Lord.