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Title: Abraham: daily solutions
Post by: episkopos on March 01, 2015, 12:10:03 AM
Abraham's faith in God was considered as an act of right- eousness. Abraham believed that El' Shaddai was able to give him a child in his old age. God was very pleased with Abraham because he had faith in His commandments. Maybe by your standards, Abraham would have been disqualified. But he was a great man in God's sight. His greatness was as a result of his faith.
Dear Christian friend, God is happy, impressed and pleased when you believe in Him. When you believe that God will heal you, you make God happy! When you believe that your breakthrough is on the
way, God is so pleased with you. When you have faith that you will live long, God is provoked to extend your life. When you believe that God will give you increase and abundance, you excite the deep parts of El' Shaddai. You make Him pour out the milk of His blessings into your life.
From today, never doubt any part of God's Word. Accept that you are the champion He is speaking about. Flow with the message of prosperity, healing and abundance. Always remember that God is happy when you believe in Him.
God did not bring you to Christ in order to demote and disgrace you. He brought you to Christ to lift and establish you in an abundant life. I see you walking in the great blessings of Jehovah! I see you free from sickness and disease! I see the power of curses broken in your life! I see that God is pleased with you because you believe in Him!