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Title: Where Have All The Christian Women Gone?
Post by: islandboy on April 05, 2013, 11:01:19 PM
A few years ago I was very active on this forum, and then between moving and getting settled I dropped off in my writing here. It would seem that I was not the only woman to stop posting here.  I got to thinking the other day that maybe all it takes is one person to get the ball rolling again where more women will stop in and chat about their life and how it relates to health and happiness, and belief in God.

In this day and age, we need each other more than ever to cheer up the lonely and the sick, to strengthen our beliefs in ourselves so we can fight against evil and protect our families and our children. Depression in women is big these days. We see the country or countries, we know and love being torn apart by hate and violence. We see racial divides that only serve to promote hate against neighbors and friends. We see belief systems that have been in place for hundreds if not thousands of years being ripped apart by self-interest groups, and we feel helpless to stop it all.

Freedom of speech is being replaced with keep your mouth shut. We fear that our country or countries, will end up in a state of unrest and overwheming homelessness and hunger. In some places Christian women fear for their very lives. So if this is not a time to band together and pray together, then I do not know of any better time in the future, do you?

Come and write here. Share your opinions and thoughts.  I will be waiting here for you, oh women of God!