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Title: God need you in His havest
Post by: MATTHEW24:14 on March 15, 2013, 09:53:31 PM

Join Gods harvest now!  Matthew 9:38 & Luke 10:2
The Last Warning !!!
This message is written so that people might have some advance warningof what is coming. It is not written to cause panic or
frighten anyone, but rather as a warning so that you can be better
prepared to face these things when they happen. Not only will you
need this information for yourself, but you will want to share this
with others—to give help to loved ones and others you know that
they too might have hope of survival.
Romans 2:5 Encouraging people to change their behavior to reduce their risk of their stubbornness and unrepentant heart they are storing up wrath for them self in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,
Events have been unfolding over the past decade that have gone
unnoticed by the world. As you learn about them, you will receive
help to better understand what will happen next. These events will
catch the whole world off guard. Prophesied worldwide destruction is on the horizon. Billions are prophesied to die! You do not have another decade to prepare
yourself. The urgency is now! Today’s religious confusion and false doctrines, teachings, and false Bible interpretations is at the very epicenter of what is prophesied to lead to a massive shaking of the whole world. It seems difficult for most people to accept that when people die, they are indeed dead, and they stay in that state until they are resurrected.
Christianity have long believed that a Messiah would come to deliver their people and establish a new kingdom that will reign on this earth.
Part of the message these two Witnesses (Revelation 11:3-15) will bring concerns one of the primary reasons why this end-time tribulation must now come on all the earth.
They will explain that God warned the world by telling it that Jesus Christ was about to return—that this was the generation of time for this to be fulfilled. For over 6,000 years this world was told what was about to come—the end of man’s rule and the
coming rule of God over all nations. But this world rejected that message, just as it has rejected God and all He has told mankind over the past 6,000 years.
The same will be true regarding the response to this message.
Although it has come from God, the world will reject it. People will
not believe it, even when these things are actually being fulfilled
right before their very eyes! A very small percentage of all mankind
will begin to believe, repent and turn to God, but most will not!
Luke 12:32 Fear not, little flock, for it has been the good pleasure of your Father to give you the kingdom.   The subject of people going to heaven is preach by false religions.  Did you notice Jesus Christ “comes” to Earth rather than Christians “go” to heaven? And the saints assist Him in “executing judgment.”   
So you might say, “I never heard such a warning” or “I have
never heard about the return of Jesus Christ and that He is to reign
on this earth.” Nevertheless, the world was told, and they were told
by the prophesied end-time Elijah, whom God said He would send
before Jesus Christ would come.
The two witnesses will proclaim that the message of this end time
Elijah was rejected, that people and nations refused to repent,
and therefore, all the world must suffer through the end-time
tribulation. In addition, they will proclaim that man’s spirit of pride
must be broken before God’s Kingdom comes here on this Earth.