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Dag Heward-Mills

READ: Mark 7:20-23

Search me, O God, and know my heart:try me, and know my thoughts (Psalm 139:23)

Though you may be a born-again Christian, this does not close your mind to the attacks of the devil. Your mind is still open to all kinds of thoughts from the devil.

The devil will always appeal to our minds. The Bible teaches us that we must cast down imaginations: (2Corinthians 10:5).

Remember this truth: your mind is the battleground. Satan's most powerful tool is "suggestion". Jesus was tempted through the avenue of His thoughts. A thought is like a bird that flies over your head. It may land on your head, but it must not beallowed to make a nest on your head.

When ungodly thoughts come to you, resist them immediately. Do not be surprised when outrageous things occur to you. That is the fight of every born-again Christian; to keep your mind pure at all times. Some Christians are plagued with fear and worry; fear is one of the terrible thoughts of the devil.

Whilst working on the hospital ward as a medical student, I saw many young patients die. I began to think about their plight and a spirit of fear oppressed me. Many times I saw myself sick and dying of the same diseases. I imagined my funeral and I imagined what I would look like in the coffin.

Dear friend, fear is an oppressive spirit that works through the mind. Whether it is worry, fear, or lust, you must learn to cast down wrong imaginations. You must learn to capture your thoughts and make them obedient to the Word of God. You must resist the devil.