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Title: Judgement...the final !
Post by: MATTHEW24:14 on May 07, 2012, 12:17:47 AM

                      Judgement, The final.
The sentence that will be passed on our actions at the last day
( Matt 25; Rom14:10-11   2Cor 5:10   2Thess 1:7-10
“ It pertains to him as mediator to complete and publicly manifest
 the salvation of his people and the overthrow of his enemies,
together with the glorious righteousness of his work in both respect.”
The persons to be judge are,
( 1 ) the whole race of Adam without a single exception
( Matt 25:31-46   1Co 15:51-52   Rev 20:11-15 ) and
( 2 ) the fallen angels ( 2Pet 2:4 Jude1:6 )
The rule of judgement is the standard of GOD’s law revealed to men,
the heathen by the law as written on their hearts ( Luke 12:47-48
Rom 2:12-16 )   The Jew who “ sinned in law shall be judge
by the law”       The Christians enjoying the light of revelation,
by the will of GOD as made known to him ( Matt 11:20-24
John 3:19 ).  Then the secrets of all hearts will be brought to light
( 1Cor 4:5   Luke 8:17 and 12:2:3 ) to vindicate the justice of the
The time of judgement will be after the resurrection ( Heb 9:27 Act 17:31)
As the scriptures represent the final judgement “as certain [Eccl 11:9],
universal [ 2Cor 5:10 ], righteous [ Rom 2:5 ], decisive [ 1Cor 15:52 ],
and eternal as to its consequences [ Heb 6:2 ],let us be concerned for
the welfare of our immortal interest, flee to the refuge set before us,
improve our precious time, depend on the merits of the Redeemer,
and adhere to the dictates of the DIVINE WORD, that we may be
of Him in peace.”
                                   Resurrection of the dead,
will be simultaneous both of the just and the unjust ( Dan 12:2 and
John5:28-29 and Rom 2:6-16 and 2Thess 1:6-10 ).
The qualities of the resurrection body will be different from those of
the body laid in the grave ( 1Cor 15:53-54 and Phil 3:21 ),
but its identity will nevertheless be preserved. It will be the same body
( Cor15:42-44 ) which rises again.
As the nature of the resurrection body, it will be spiritual ( 1Cor 15;44 )
i.e. ; a body adapted to the use of the soul in its glorified state,
and to all the conditions of the heavenly state; glorious, incorruptible,
and powerful ( 1 Cor 15:54 ); like unto the glorified body of Christ
( Phil 3:21 and Immortal ( Rev 21:4 ).
Christ’s resurrection secures and  illustrates that of his people.
Because His resurrection seals and consummates His Power; and the
redemption of our persons involves the redemption of our bodies
( Rom8:23 )    Because of our federal and vital union with Jesus Christ
( 1Cor 15:21-22 and 1Thess 4:14 ).  Because of His Spirit which dwells
in us making our bodies His members ( 1Cor 6:15 and Rom 8:11 ).
Because Christ by covenant is GOD both of the living and the dead
( Roman 14:9 ).    This same federal and vital union of the Christian
with Christ likewise causes the resurrection of the believer to be
similar to as well as consequent upon that of Jesus Christ ( 1Cor 15:49
and Phil 3:21 and 1John 3:2 ).