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Title: e-Sword 10.1.0 Is Out - Great Freeware Bible Study Package!
Post by: nChrist on April 16, 2012, 07:12:14 PM
e-Sword 10.1.0 is out with many improvements. Please note that e-Sword is already a mature Bible Study program with features that allow it to easily compete with many very expensive commercial Bible Study programs. The difference is that e-Sword is free and will remain free. A comparable commercial package would cost you well over $1,000, and you would have to pay extra for many resources that are FREE for e-Sword.

Step 1 - Read the Introduction here:

Step 2 - Read about the Features here:

Step 3 - Download the Base Program and Starter Components here:

Step 4 - Install e-Sword on your computer. This is easy and requires only a few mouse clicks.

Step 5 - Start up e-Sword and explore what it does. I can assure you that you will be impressed.

Step 6 - Click "Download" from the main menu of e-Sword and you will see many more components by type that you can download from within e-Sword. e-Sword installs these additional free modules automatically, and you will be amazed at the many excellent resources that are completely free (i.e. Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Topical Files, Maps, Charts, etc.). If you are wanting new resources that still require royalty payments, you can also browse them in the download menu by type. These are called premium modules, and they require reasonable fees. The latest and greatest modules of all types are available for e-Sword. However, you don't need to buy a single thing to have a fabulous Bible Study Program with literally thousands of resources.

Step 7 - Take a look at the "Extras" page. You will definitely want to download the free Step Sampler Package and look at other modules available for e-Sword:

Step 8 - Please note that e-Sword is very user friendly and easy to use, but you might enjoy detailed help and information about e-Sword. First, download the outstanding e-Sword User's Guide ( from Bible Support and place it in your main e-Sword directory. It will then be available under help from the main menu in e-Sword. The main directory of e-Sword might vary among systems, but it is usually:  c:\Program Files\e-Sword or c:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword for Windows systems. If you want or need more help, click the links below. Please try the e-Sword User's Guide from Bible Support first, as it is excellent and contains full-color illustrations.

Step 9 - If you want to read detailed descriptions of premium modules available for e-Sword, try here:

Step 10 - You will definitely want to join Bible Support. This is a site designed to help e-Sword users and provide literally thousands of additional free downloads for e-Sword. Joining is FREE and all of the downloads are FREE. It should be noted that many of the best Bible Study resources are very old and in the public domain. This is how Bible Support can provide so many FREE resources. I must add that most of the downloads here are outstanding, first-class additions to e-Sword. They also have a forum for help and support.

I hope that you enjoy e-Sword as much as I do. e-Sword is like having an outstanding Bible Study Library available in a quick, easy, and organized way.

Title: e-Sword 10.1.0 Is Out - Great Freeware Bible Study Package!
Post by: nChrist on April 19, 2012, 07:05:50 PM
This is a large number of changes over a relatively short period of time for a mature software. I must add that some of the changes are BIG.

e-Sword version 10.1 changes from 10.0

The Commentary, Dictionary, and Devotion views can now display pictures, so modules can now be created with pictures in them.

Better support for Extended ASCII characters throughout the many features of e-Sword.
e-Sword version 10.0 changes from 9.9

The Journal Notes, Study Notes and Topic Notes editors have been completely redesigned! You can now insert pictures, create tables, format with columns, have headers and footers, even work in print layout! There are dozens of new and improved features in the editors for you to enjoy working with.

A new Reference Library feature is now built into the program. With it you can view all Topic Notes and the new Reference Books modules downloaded from the e-Sword web site, as well as those created by others. No longer are these mixed in the Topic Notes editor with your own personal notes.

A new feature is now built into the program. Working with the folks at, we have provided an easy way for you to listen to nearly a half million sermons on any passage of the Bible!

The Resources feature has been updated to allow the management of Topic Notes and Reference Books.
e-Sword version 9.9 changes from 9.8

All of the Search dialogs have been completely redesigned! The layout, functionality, and results are greatly enhanced, providing even more information for study.

The new hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S will open the Extended Bible Search dialog.

The Parallel Bible will now support up to 8 translations for comparison.

Single-row tabs are now easily set in the Resource Options dialog.

The Graphics Viewer was adjusted to work under CrossOver in MAC and LINUX installations.

Partial implementation of Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and Japanese user interface localization. e-Sword now has 27 languages supported in the GUI!
e-Sword version 9.8 changes from 9.7

A new Module Downloader is now built into the program. With it you can view all available . You can see which ones you currently have installed and which ones you have yet to install. You can also see if any of the installed modules have been updated.

All of the Search routines have been enhanced, providing even more information for study.
e-Sword version 9.7 changes from 9.6

The editors have been broken out into their own view and are no longer located in the Commentary view. Also, a new Journal Notes editor has been added to the Editor view to join the Study Notes and Topic Notes!

You can now Search the Bibles and other modules using Regular Expressions (REGEX). While a bit complicated for typical use, this functionality adds powerful searching capabilities when that might be needed.

Inline notes and cross-references are now possible in Bible modules. The NASB Study Set has been updated to take advantage of this new functionality.
e-Sword version 9.6 changes from 9.5

You can now highlight and mark in commentaries and dictionaries!

Searching fixed for non-English user-created modules.
e-Sword version 9.5 changes from 9.0

A fully dockable user interface enables you to completely customize the layout in hundreds of different ways! Display what you want, where you want it by dragging the views into position with their titlebar.

Back by popular demand, the Bible Browser! The new dockable interface allows you to place it wherever you want, or not display it at all.
e-Sword version 9.0 changes from 8.0

This update uses a completely different database format for all resources. Everything is faster and more reliable as a result of this change. All add-on modules have been updated and will need to be reinstalled to use with this update. You can redownload purchased modules using the original information you were given when previously purchased. User files will be automatically updated to the new format provided you are installing this over an older version of e-Sword. Each file will be renamed with an ".old" file extension when the conversion is successful.

The Bible Search feature now allows the ability to perform case-sensitive searches.

The multi-row tabs are now locked in place, so no more moving targets!

A new Bible book browser has been implemented and is no longer docked to the side of the program. Press the F2 key to display the Lookup Scripture Reference dialog next to the mouse pointer wherever it is located, or access it from the main toolbar with the button next to the "Lookup" combobox.

Study Notes can be made on any verse in the Bible, now including the Orthodox Apocrypha and the Catholic Deuterocanon.

You can now Export the Study Notes and Topic Notes in HTML, Word DOC and Adobe PDF file formats, in addition to the previous plain text and Rich Text formats.

You can now Import both HTML and Word DOC files directly into the Study Notes and Topic Notes.

The Print Preview feature has been updated, and now all printing is performed through it.

Highlighting custom colors are now saved for use between sessions.

Localization of the e-Sword user interface continues with the implementation of fully Unicode compliant controls.

Recent Major Works completed and available FREE of charge at

There is much more, but the below is just a few examples of commentaries:

Annotated Bible
Biblical Illustrator
Expositor's Bible
John Trapp's Complete Commentary
Pulpit Commentary
The Expositor's Dictionary Of Texts
William Robertson Nicholl's Sermon Bible