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Title: Be Careful What You Ask For
Post by: benny balerio on July 23, 2011, 10:57:12 AM
When I was 14 years old I was living with my Grandmother and it was night time in the Fall.
There was a complete cloud overcast in the night sky,..and that particular night I was very depressed.
So I walked outside and into the small back yard that we had.
And I looked up into the sky,...and said..."God,..if you are real,..give me a sign.
Let there be no if's,..and's....or but's..about it,...I want there to be no doubts whatsoever that you are really real!Let's settle this once and for all between you and me!Give me a sign!

LOL Well here I was looking up into the cloud covered sky,..looking for that sign.
And I waited ,.....and waited .....And waited.....NOTHING!!!
Boy I was really disappointed,..and was even more depressed!
I remember that I said something under my breath in disappointment ,..but I do not remember what I had mumbled.
But I had started to walk away,..and had not gotten more than a couple of feet,...when all of a sudden,...I heard this loud audible sound coming from up above from where I had looking before I had given up expecting a sign.
A large meteor had burst forth out of the clouds above my head where I had been looking earlier.
All the colors this meyeror had was very beautiful,....the colors were like that what one see's when burning some plastics in a fire.
Well the meteror had burnt out,..but the Sky was still lit up.
The sky was lit up as a bright yellowish,redish orange in color,..and the lit in the clouds was disappearing in concentic form..Like in ripples when you drop a rock in a pond.

It was not until years later,..that I realized that the Lord did not have to give me a sign,..But I realized that He gave me a sign because of my ignorance,..and that He loved me.