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Title: BBCodeXtra - Great Extension for Firefox
Post by: nChrist on March 26, 2011, 04:35:50 PM
BBCodeXtra does just about anything you can think of in terms of HTML, XHTML, and BBCode. I disabled the HTML and XHTML because I use this extension in forum posts only. If you do quick editing of your web page or participate in a message board that uses HTML/XHTML - enable these parts of the menu and you're ready to go.

Right click while you're posting and have your own quick and easy menu to use. You can format as you go (i.e. bold, center, text color, quote, clipboard operations, your own custom format tags, and just about anything you can dream of. I like my own custom tags since you can nest them and do everything with one click (i.e. center bold blue large font).

BBCodeXtra is free and is available on Mozilla Firefox add-ons. They even check it for safety and function before making it available. BBCodeXtra works with Firefox 3 and 4.