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Post by: livingbyfaith on March 15, 2011, 11:37:08 AM
Between March and now I lost a good bit of my memory.  Still having trouble remembering even the simplest things. Not even sure how to use this computer.
Here is my story but God was with me all the time.  PTL!

Woke up one morning and was bleeding profusely.  Was carted off to the hospital but didn't know a thing.  Didn't know my family was all there or that some from the high rise I am in came too.  I was hallucinating very badly.  Big vehicles were driving past me making a lot of noise.  I was screaming for someone to help me but I was just ignored.  I thought I heard some say something about a fire.  I panicked Screamed even louder.

I thought I was still in the hospital but was told I was in a nursing home. Took me a few days to take it all in. Don't even remember being taken there and I asked if there was a fire.  They looked so surprised and said "no".  Later I realized that the big vehicles were our food trucks coming by in the home.

Shortly I took the routine for granted. 

As I was getting more co-herent, I was told that the doctor told my family that I was between life and death.  They were quite concerned.  MY daughter Brenda wasn't.  She prayed and told the doctor that if I did die, I knew where I was going. and would be happy. If I didn't she knew God wasn't through with me yet.  Still had much work for me to do. 

Before this happened God let me know that I would be doing more writing---what and when I had no inkling.  Last month I told a new friend about the writing.  She wanted to read some.  I gave her "Angels all around me".  She showed it to
 bi -monthly free newspaper. They accepted it but need to do some editing.  It will be out either this month or next! (long past and was published.)  They also want me to send more items.

(back track)  Brenda also told me that when teh doctor was getting ready to operate, I was singing to him a song I wrote long ago!

Oh I forgot to mention what I was being operated on.  Colon cancer---polyps under that.  Ovaries had to be removed and I'm not sure of what else.  I don't think he left ianything in me.  More room for the Holy Spirit to live in me.

After all that I feel like a brand new person!  No pain but s little inconvenience.

I had the doctors and nurses and everyone laughing!  Laughter is like a good medicine!  PTL!  God healed me.  Had more tests but no sign of any more cancer.

I am almost done but I think I know why God let this happen.  The writing I did before was good because I was always inspired.  Couldn't write anything on my own.  MY big problem was that my ego got in teh way and I felt good because people commented on it and made my head even bigger.
I felt like I was someone for a change.  I had been ignored a lot. 

I don't even have to write another word.  Just post items I wrote on several sites and find new ones.  They are as timely now as they were then.

God let me know in no uncertain terms it is His project---not mine! The fact brought my ego down quite a bit.  NOw I witness to everyone who will listen! 

Believe it or not but I am happier than I was before.  Amazing what God can do to change attitudes and outlooks in our lives.  "It is no secret what God can do.  What He's done for others He'll do for you."  I am always singing.  Even my occupation therapist sang along with me.  God even blessed me with Christian therapists!!!  Isn't God great!

Sorry this was so long.  God bless you.

Post by: nChrist on March 15, 2011, 02:20:12 PM
Amen LivingByFaith!

I'm very happy that your health is better and you're writing again. May God richly bless your work and use it for His Glory.

Love In Christ,

Post by: HisDaughter on April 02, 2011, 08:21:30 PM
Dear Livingbyfaith, that was a wonderful testimony!  Thanks for sharing it!