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Title: Men how not to treat your lady
Post by: Brother Jerry on September 29, 2010, 10:41:57 AM
Yesterday and last night led me to need to post this someplace.

Last night we had a men's dinner at the church I am attending.  We had a little devotional in which the gentleman discussed Ephesians 5:21-33 and the husbands role in the marriage.  These are classic verses and it reminded me of an event earlier in the day that made me laugh.  This may sound lewd and such, but I will attempt to ensure it is cleaned up.

I had to use the bathroom earlier in the day.  So I went in and had to use the stall so I did.  While I was sitting there the door opened and guy came in and went up to the urinal.  He started talking on the phone.  I could tell he was talking to his wife or girlfriend and apparently they had a little argument the night before.  He started the conversation with a "Hey hon" and was making comments about how "he did not want her to be a robot" and such, and how he wanted her to have her opinions.  Now all during this time you could hear him urinating into the urinal and the splashing sounds.  He then finishes and flushes.

Now apparently as the discussion was getting more urgent on his part and pleading with his upset lady on the other line, he apparently was not finished in the bathroom as he then proceeded to enter a stall.  Still talking to his lady on the phone a loud burst of flatulence ensues.  At which time he is polite enough to say "excuse me".  Let me add that there was some strained tones to his voice as he was talking, so not all was smooth...and I am not referring to the phone call.

I could not take it anymore and about busted out laughing right there.  I finished up quickly and left.

I should have waited for him though and explained to him that if you want to express how much you love your woman.  Do NOT call her from the mens room.  And this becomes especially true if you are having a disagreement because at that time she wants your undivided attention to be focused on her....not on your bowels.   So men please pay attention, when you go into the rest room, ignore the phone, specially if it is your lady.  It is better to not answer and call her back and explain you were in the restroom, than it is to not be focused on her and allowing natural emissions to interrupt a "heart to heart" conversation.

Title: Re: Men how not to treat your lady
Post by: nChrist on September 29, 2010, 02:27:47 PM
 ;D   ;D   ROFL! - Good Advice!