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Title: Wake Up America!!!!
Post by: nChrist on June 12, 2010, 01:42:53 PM
Very scary stuff, but it really makes sense.
I suggest you get yourself your favorite beverage and watch this. A very sobering Video.  This just didn't happen overnight, its been waiting for the "Perfect Storm", "one Party rule". And this isn't just one Parties work, both parties have allowed this to progress to where we are today. The time for apathy is over, the time for taking back our Country is now. If we lose our fight in November, kiss our Country goodbye.  Now send this to everyone in your email addy book.  Get this out to all your clubs and groups, this will be the Election of our survival as a free Nation, the Election of our survival period.


Watch and Vote.What a great explanation of what is happening to us. Watch it twice AND PASS IT ON

Wake Up America!!!!

Do you yet have the sense that something's wrong?