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Title: DVD Tracts
Post by: Richio on February 28, 2010, 05:01:00 AM
FYI: Here’re some witnessing tools you may be interested in: (
Nothing for sale there.
A DVD is almost always perceived as having value even when the contents are unknown.
People are more open to a DVD, then a tract, and the interaction affords opportunity for testimony.

The DVD could speak for itself, but I almost always tell people what it is, so as not to “ambush” them.
Particularly, since I like to pair it with a very inexpensive 5x8 glossy NT. (either NIV or en Español)
...But I hesitate to give the link lest it be considered spam.
You could probably google “giveaway bibles”, though.
(hint: it rhymes with biblica)

I simply tell them that I’m not affiliated with any organization (I’m not) to alleviate any fears.
Then I ask them if they’d like a New Testament with a DVD.
That way people know what I am giving them and those who accept it aren’t likely to toss them away.

I just put some in my backpack and hop on my bike.
At first, it’s a bit scary. But soon it becomes a joyful adventure.
I’ve only been sharing for a few weeks, but it's the most exciting part of my day.
‘Something I really can’t wait to do – at least setting up the situation where people can come to know Jesus.
I’m no evangelist or anything, but I don’t think we have to be “called” to do this little bit.

NOTE: I’m in the Southwest and the ‘home depot crew” is particularly receptive.
While I don’t really speak Spanish, gmail can be set up to translate incoming email into English.
Google translate seems to do an adequate job of translating English to Spanish.

Title: Re: DVD Tracts
Post by: nChrist on February 28, 2010, 11:24:36 AM
Hello Richio,

A Statement of Faith on this site would be very helpful. It might also alleviate fears of downloading virus, trojan, etc. I'll speak for myself and say that I'm careful with my computer because my computer is used almost solely for the Lord's Work. I would have to change my security settings just to watch the video on this site, so I really would appreciate something about "What We Believe" or a Statement of Faith. A sample might be the Statement of Faith on Christians Unite.

I use trusted sites for all of my materials that I use, so I hope you understand my concern. I also don't have the time to review almost countless sites offering many materials that are false. I'm not hinting that your materials are false, but this is why links are covered in our forum rules. So, help me out with what you believe, and we'll go from there.

Love In Christ,

Title: Re: DVD Tracts
Post by: Soldier4Christ on February 28, 2010, 07:41:45 PM
I agree that a statement of faith would be a great addition to your site.

I was able to look at the videos and I was impressed with the ones that you selected. Many sites concentrate on all sorts of things but your's concentrates on salvation and I think that is great. The videos from VIMEO were a bit computer intensive even for a high speed computer like mine with high speed ISP connection but they were still good even if they did hesitate a lot.

A final comment ....  AMEN and AMEN!