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Post by: verseode on December 02, 2009, 11:47:23 PM


      You are a dreamer who hopes he gets through
      All of the garbage the world throws at you
      Is there protection in case it gets tough
      Some kind of shield that will soften the rough
      Maybe there's someone who's ready to aid
      One just like you who is sadly mislaid
      Right from creation you took the wrong road
      Now you are toting the evil ones load.

      I am your Father, I want your return
      I carry no judgement,there's nothing to earn
      You have to choose what you want from this life
      Peace and contentment or upset and strife
      My Son is waiting so please let Him in
      Tell Him He's welcome to sort out your sin
      He is your saviour,in Him you are saved
      To walk on His pathway that's perfectly paved.