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Title: Any Birdwatchers/lovers on ChristianUnite?
Post by: logos7 on September 16, 2009, 01:01:41 PM
I just love our winged friends.  I even have two pet birds and I love watching the birds in the wild flying and listening to them sing.  I was just wondering if there are any other birdwatchers/lovers out there?

Title: Re: Any Birdwatchers/lovers on ChristianUnite?
Post by: nChrist on September 16, 2009, 01:31:57 PM
I'm not what one would call an educated and serious bird watcher, but I do love watching birds and all of God's creation. I haven't done as much recently because of disability, but I only have to travel a few miles for a beautiful wildlife refuge - The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. My wife and I still love to drive out there, park in various places, and enjoy wildlife and birds of all kinds. There are over 30 lakes on the refuge, so it's a perfect, natural environment for a large variety of birds and wildlife. We even get to see some fairly rare birds there from time to time. A refuge officer recently showed us a small owl that takes over abandoned prairie dog holes. I don't remember the name of the owl, but it's small and endangered. We also see eagles soaring out there fairly frequently. The refuge is large and old and seems to offer a nice balance for all kinds of animals. The laws that protect the animals there are very strict, so all wildlife has a best chance of striving in a natural and rich environment.

We also have trees in our back yard and keep feeders and water stocked for them most of the time. However, we have a gang of squirrels that get most of it. It's a good thing that we also enjoy watching the squirrels. Regardless of the gangster squirrels, we do manage to attract and see a large variety of birds for this part of the country (Southwest Oklahoma).

Title: Re: Any Birdwatchers/lovers on ChristianUnite?
Post by: Soldier4Christ on September 16, 2009, 05:27:24 PM
We love to watch all sorts of wildlife. We have trees in our yard that attract Canaries and Finches as well as a large variety of other birds. There is marsh not far away from me that is a wildlife preserve. It is a favorite place for bird watching. We have a large amount of eagles, especially bald eagles, that spends some time here during the migratory season. I sometimes go to the downtown park here and cruise around the lagoon there in my power chair and watch and feed the ducks and Canadian Geese. We haven't done any of this in a very long time though.

Title: Re: Any Birdwatchers/lovers on ChristianUnite?
Post by: islandboy on December 12, 2009, 11:32:59 AM
In Florida, we love birdwatching. The sandhill cranes, great white heron, little blue heron, eagles, owls, wood ibis, pelicans, and of course all the normal little birds seen around all the States. Bluebirds, blue jays, robins, cardinals, wrens. We tried having a bird feeder in the yard but the squirrels were able to raid it no matter what we did. Like putting axle grease on the pole, funny the first few times they tried to climb the pole, but it wore off with the rain. Chicken wire did not stop them no matter how small the holes they wiggled through. They leaped off the roof, off bushes. We put on a cone which seemed at first to work but they figured a way around it as well. Squirrels would make good builders, they could plan a way around any problem.
But birds are such beautiful graceful creatures that it would be very hard to ignore them in the yard and along the river bank, or flying in the sky.