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Title: Have Faith and believe in Gods word
Post by: specs on August 30, 2009, 05:52:29 AM


Just Over  Eigteen Years Ago When I Was 34 Years Old, I Had Everything Going For Me (Three Cars A House), Or So I Thought.  But I Was Very Far From God.  I Thought I Was So Cool When I Drank So Much, But I Was Actually An Alcoholic And It Took Me Some Time To Realise That I Had A Problem.  I Was Still Trying To Come To Terms With This When Something Happened Which Changed My Entire Life And That Of My Family And All Those Around Me.

On The 5th August 1991, I Was In A Pub, Which Belonged To One Of My Friends, When I Was Asked By A Young Man For A Lift (He Had Very Short Hair Army Style Boy Was I Wrong, He Had Just Come Out Of Jail), Thinking Nothing Of This, I Agreed.  That Was The Last Thing That I Remembered For The Next Fifteen Days.  It Turned Out That What This Man Wanted To Do Was To Rob Me Of My Money And Motor Vehicle, So He Attacked Me With A Hammer With Severe Blows To The Head Which Has Caused A Major Head Injury.  I Was Hit Between Six And Eight Times On The Head With A Two Pound Hammer And Immediately Went Into A Coma, I Was Also Stabbed In The Stomach.  This Man Then Took Me To The Middle Of A Field Where He Tried To Put My Body Down A Manhole (Drain), However, The First Of A Chain Of Miracles Happened.  The Saps  (South African Police) Who Were Investigating A Burglary at One Of The Houses Surrounding The Field, When They Came Round Into The Field With Their Lights Off To Try To Catch The Burglars, They Heard My Car  Engine And Switched On Their Lights  And Saw What Was Going On.  They Tried To Catch The Man But He Was Too Quick For Them And Got Away.  I Was Taken To A Provincial Hospital In The Area, Where They At First Decided That Due To The Extent Of My Injuries They Would Just Do What They Could For Me And Then Leave Me To Die.  However, On Second Thoughtsí I believe That This Was Godís Intervention. They Decided To Have Me Airlifted To The Trauma Unit, For Serious Head Injuries, At A Large Johannesburg Provincial Hospital  The Prognosis Was Very Bad And They Did Not Think I Would Live.  For Two Weeks My Life Hung In The Balance And Twice In That Time I Almost Died, But For The Prayers Of My X, Family And Friends.  The Last Time That I Stopped Breathing Was On 13th August 1991 And I Had To Have An Emergency Tracheotomy Done And Eventually My X Was Led By God To Have Me Transferred To A Private Clinic.  At This Stage The Neurosurgeon Told My X That He Had Grave Doubts As To Whether I Would Live And Tried To Prepare Her For The Worst, Still My X Insisted That I Be Transferred.  Within Two Hours Of Being Transferred To The Private Clinic, I Was In The Operating Theatre.  After A Seven Hour Brain Operation I Emerged Still In A Coma But With Part Of My Skull Removed As It Was Found That Not Only Did I Have A Major Head Injury But As A Complication I Had Developed Septicemia On The Brain But Which Had Spread To My Lungs.  At This Time The Neuro Surgeon Advised My X To Prepare For The Worst And Predicted That I Had Less Than A 10% Chance Of Living.  However My X Being A Woman Of Faith Never Doubted God, That I Would Live And Be Healed.  She Continued To Come And Talk To Me And Pray For Me.  Around The 20th August 1991 I Gained Consciousnessí And Remembered Everyone In My Family A
Although I Could Not Talk.  After That I Just Got Stronger And Stronger And On 03rd September 1991 I Had My Second Brain Operation Where They Inserted A Plastic Plate Into My Skull.  After Two More Months I Was Sent To A Hospital Which Specialised In Rehabilitation And After A Further Two Months Of Intensive Therapy Was Told That I Would Never Walk Again (The Doctor Who Told Me This Was Wrong, Because I Said To Him Where 'Medical Science' Stops Thatís When God Takes Over) As I Had Recovered As Far As I Ever Would, At This Stage I Could Not Even Feed Myself And Had To Be Fed And Bathed Like A Baby.  When I Was Discharged, Two Good Friends Of Mine Who Had Been To The Hospital Regularly To Pray For Me, Invited Me To A Service At Their Church As They Had Prayer For Healing Every Sunday.

I Was Not A Godly Man, In Fact As Previously Mentioned I Was An Alcoholic And Very, Very Far From God, But I Knew In My Heart That This Was My Last Chance.

I Am So Grateful today To God, My Family And Particularly To My Friends Who Invited Me To Church Because, Not Only Am I Walking Again But I Have Also Done A Computer Course At A College For Disabled People Where I Got Top Marks, But I Have Also Got A Wonderful Job..

This Story Is Told In Humbleness Because I Have Done Nothing On My Own, But God Loved Me So Much That He Saved Me Not Only From A Physical Death But Also A Spiritual Death, And This Happened When I Gave My Heart To Jesus And Accepted Him To Be My Personal Saviour On 19 January 1992.

Title: Re: Have Faith and believe in Gods word
Post by: HisDaughter on August 30, 2009, 01:13:07 PM
That is a VERY powerful testimony.  Thank you for sharing it and I pray that many will be blessed by it!

In Christ,

Title: Re: Have Faith and believe in Gods word
Post by: nChrist on August 30, 2009, 05:57:34 PM

Your testimony is beautiful, and I know that many will deeply appreciate you sharing it. This is a strong reminder that God does as He pleases in Heaven and on earth, and I give thanks for His Works every day.

Love In Christ,