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Title: Open Office 3.10
Post by: nChrist on August 04, 2009, 05:39:44 PM
Open Office 3.10 is out, and it's great! Read about it here:

If you have a fast Internet connection, you can download the new Open Office from the same address above.

For those of you who don't know:

Open Office is a complete office suite that is an alternative to Microsoft Office except that Open Office is FREE. I've been a user of both over the years, and I honestly think that Open Office is better, faster, and more flexible. Sun Microsystems has had a hand in the development of Open Office over the years, more so now. Sun sold a very reasonably priced office suite called Star Office, and Open Office benefited greatly in the collaboration. Sun makes many innovative products, including JAVA, and Open Office does use JAVA - making it an excellent and stable office suite that is first-class. I must also mention that thousands of developers participated in Open Office and donated their efforts - along with Sun - to make Open Office what it is today.

Open Office is almost completely compatible with Microsoft Office in all office document formats, so Open Office handles output from Microsoft Office. The difference is that Open Office has additional formats in all categories, and they are so good that they may become the new standard. Open Office formats take up less space, and they are faster and more efficient. Read about the features of Open Office and you will quickly see that it offers more than Microsoft Office - FREE! There is no reason to spend $500 for an office suite. I just want to mention three more things:  1)  the interface for Open Office is user friendly and elegant;  2)  User help and information is excellent;  3)  Open Office is easy to learn and use. Try it - I know you will like it.