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Title: Daughter Sandy got a 2nd job
Post by: livingbyfaith on June 15, 2009, 05:04:43 PM
My daughter Sandy and husband Dale, each got cut 20 hours  from their job.  40 hours a week didn't leave them enough to pay all their monthly bills.
Although it cut me a bit short, I lent her some money to help as much as I could.

For about a week she was so worried and didn't know what to do.  I kept telling her how God always came through for me when I needed money.  It is easy to worry anyway.

My daughter Brenda works at a dental clinic.  IN charge of firing and hiring people plus other jobs.  Just at the right time, a person quit!  Brenda hired her.  Sandy is a good worker and very reliable.  That almost gave her the 20 hours she lost.  She would still have a problem to get caught up.

She worked with a woman at her other job and just mentioned her problem.  The woman is a Christian.  She took a nice sum out of her savings account
and lent it to Sandy!  It had bothered her all night and God told her to lend her the money!  Amazing how God works and always just on time.

As for me, although I lent her some money it did catch me short.  I forgot about a couple bills I wasn't expecting. They had to be paid.
 Which left me completely broke so I thought. 

I maxed out 4 credit cards.  I was able to consolidate them for a smaller payment and the interest was cut in half.  The payments were to come out directly from my checking account on the 11th.  That date passed and it still wasn't taken out.  I thought I had to pay it on my own.  Called the bank.  A sigh of relief.  The first payment isn't due until the 11th of July and not June!  PTL.  I was able to pay all my bills with a lot left over!.

God is so good.  He helped both of us.  He doesn't half do anything!  Thank you LOrd