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Title: Memorial Day
Post by: Soldier4Christ on May 25, 2009, 12:57:49 PM
Today is the day to remember all those that have sacrificed their very lives for the freedoms that so very many take for granted each and every day. This is the day also that we should remember those that have lost loved ones for this very same reason.




Title: Re: Memorial Day
Post by: nChrist on May 25, 2009, 01:50:22 PM

A phrase in one of the pictures speaks volumes:


Someone always has to pay for it in blood, sweat, and tears! FREEDOM IS PRICELESS!

As Christians living in this part of the world, we have TWO TYPES OF PRICELESS FREEDOMS:

1 - Personal safety, RIGHTS, AND LIBERTIES paid for by generations of courageous men and women WHO FOUGHT TO SECURE THEM AND FOUGHT TO PRESERVE THEM!

2 - FREEDOM FROM THE CURSE OF SIN AND DEATH paid for by JESUS CHRIST ON THE CROSS OF CALVARY! HE IS OUR DELIVERANCE AND ETERNAL LIFE! We belong to HIM, and no power or combination of powers can take us away from HIM!