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Title: Born to love God
Post by: flutterby on January 17, 2004, 02:19:11 AM
I was never really taught very much about God growing up but at the same time I don't remember ever living without knowing about Him. I talked to him all the time as a child. I never felt alone--I'll put it that way. I lost my faith in the 11th grade. A biology teacher whom I loved told the class that if any of us believed in all of that Bible stuff we were sadly misled. I was crushed! I was left deflated and speechless. When I got home that day I sat on my bed and cried the cry of someone who lost her best friend. It took me four years to get my faith back. I finally got baptized and joined a church. I felt like I was home again even though I had never really been there before (lol). I stopped going to church for stupid reasons and spent the next 10 years doing the best I could on my own but was really really REALLY bad at it (nice try  ;)). I found myself searching and searching and searching for......something. But I always felt like what I was looking for was just out of sight. I didn't know what I was searching for. I was empty. I started paying attention to different signs and messages. All of them led me back to DUH! "Dense. Party of one. Your table is ready." LOL God is quite the gentleman. He never forced Himself on me. But He thankfully never gave up on me either.

I look back at my life and quite frequently thank God for alllllll of those things--both the good and the bad. They all led me to where I am which is where I should be.


Title: Re:Born to love God
Post by: flutterby on January 17, 2004, 08:31:18 PM

I didn't include this in my testimony and I'm not quite sure why but now I am and I'm not quite sure why.

Almost two years ago my little brother shot and killed my father. My father was a very abusive (in every sordid way imagineable) alcoholic. My brother became an alcoholic as well. The shooting took place in the midst of an alcoholic rage. I was camping the night this took place. News got to me the next morning through word of mouth across 4 states. The bearer of the bad news was my unfortunate husband. When he told me a pain shot through the middle of my gut that I have never felt. It was paralyzing and agonizing all at once. I looked straight up into the sky and shouted, "PLEASE DEAR GOD HELP US!!!!" God was with me. He held me. He walked through this whole thing with me. He never left my side.

My brother has since been saved. My mother has since been saved. She and I attend church together now. Our family has become closer to God rather than further away. God is who got us through this.

No matter what happens in life God will always use it. God is awesome. He loves us so much.


Title: Re:Born to love God
Post by: Whitehorse on February 01, 2004, 11:16:17 PM
I am so sorry for your pain and your circumstances. What a difficult situation. But I'm pleased to hear that two of yor family members have come to the Lord. God is good.

Title: Re:Born to love God
Post by: Symphony on February 02, 2004, 12:31:45 AM
I never felt alone--


Love your testimony, flutterby--AND your user name, hehe.


Yea, tho I walk through the vally of the Shadow of Death...


I will fear no evil...


He maketh me to lie down in green pastures...


And He cares for us...



thanks, flutterby... :)

Title: Re:Born to love God
Post by: NateyCakes on February 04, 2004, 08:25:29 AM
Praise the Lord for your testimony! Sounds like you went thru quite a bit, but as Symphony said, its great some of your family came to know the Lord as well!!!Ps....Symphony, I LOVED that little graphics above & sayings, how sweet!!