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Title: My dream
Post by: Wren on May 05, 2003, 02:33:52 PM
As I age, I find myself with fewer and fewer dreams, but a couple still persist and new ones occasionaly pop up.
 Although I have no knowledge of what would actually be involved, I would love to obtain a small piece of rural property and build a small retreat site where all would be welcome for prayer and reflection., few or no amendities. Perhaps a couple small cabins or even tents, maybe a little chapel. We're talking very basic here. Everyone needs a place to get away and be with the Lord. How wonderful that would be! Very rustic, very primitive, very quiet. I have been the source of considerable suffering and evil in my past and this would be a great way for me personally to atone to some tiny degree.
 I ask your prayers for guidence in this matter, and also solicit ANY information you may have as to the actual "mechanics" of bringing such a thing to fruition. I thank you in advance!