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Title: !!!Hallelujah!!!
Post by: HappyGirl on April 17, 2009, 02:57:18 PM
Thank you Jesus!!!
 :o I had posted a prayer request a few days ago asking prayer for my sister Lisa and brother in law Wally. They were facing a lawsuit. It has made their life very very difficult the past 2 months.

Well the court day was yesterday--Thursday-- and it went WELL!!! It wasn't dropped, but things basically went well. Wally is able to go back to work, the injunction against him has been dropped.

In fact, his former employer, the one who has been such a jerk, even tried to tempt him to come back to work for them-- with this awesome package and all sorts of benefits (hello, satan you tempter you! >:( ) and Wally kept his integrity and told them NO!!! I was so proud of him!

As part of the settlement they are not allowed to countersue (for things like slander) but at least Wally gets to go back to work and start earning money again. Hurray! ;D

My sister and her husband are now in need of a way to come up with $8,000 to pay for the lawyers fees and $2100 to pay the bankrupty court (these are 2 separate issues) but I know the Lord will provide somehow. He has shown that he will take care of them.

Thank you Jesus!!!!