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Title: The Prayer Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!
Post by: Boaz on April 15, 2009, 07:20:58 AM
1. The Morning Prayer.

Mark 1:35.

2. The Evening Prayer.

Mark 6:46-47.

3. The Night Prayer.

Luke 6:12.

4. The Special Prayer.

Luke 3:21.

5. The Public Prayer.

John 11:41.

6. The Prayer in suffering.

Matthew 26:41-44.

7. The Prayer on the Cross.

Luke 23:34.
Luke 23:46.

Morning prayer leads to evening praise.

More prayers less problems, less prayer more probelms.

Prayer is an appointment with God.

Prayer releases God's power.

Prayer reveals secrets.

Prayer heals broken bodies.

Prayer shows God's will.

Prayer brings victory.

Prayer changes things.

Prayer leads to God's guidance.

Prayer teaches humility.