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Title: Woodroad's testimony
Post by: woodroad on February 13, 2009, 04:27:14 PM
Hello Brethren in Christ.
All my life I've wondered about God. When I was a little boy I would play and carry on like all the other kids around. But still, in the back of my mind, at times I would just wonder about God. I wondered what God was like, even what He might look like. When I would see a picture of Jesus I would ask my mom or somebody else, "Is that Jesus?" And I was always told that it was just an artists conception, not what He really looked like. All those times I would wonder about those things, I didn't realize that it was God Who was dealing with me. Let me tell you another part of my story: When the offering plates were passed around in church, mom always gave me 25 or 50 cents so I would have something to put in the plate when it came to me. I would ask: "What is the money for?" And mom, and at different times the preacher would say that it was used for God. After the offering was taken up they would always put it on the communion table until after service. I thought one day, "I'll bet I know what they do with it. Since it is used for God, they wait until everyone is gone, and then they put it in the pulpit, and it goes up to heaven where God can use it." I didn't realize that God used the money here on earth, and that He didn't need it up in heaven! A lot of my life was spent in and around church, and as a result I didn't get into drugs like so many of my friends did. I was never involved in gross wickedness like a lot of people were, but I needed Jesus as my Savior just the same, because I was just as lost as all those other people. Sin is sin, and it will separate us from God if we don't come to Him in faith believing, and repenting of our sins. That's my testimony, and I hope it's a blessing to all who read it. Amen. :)